Eun Han begs for a new face

Three new drams series will start this week. Starting tonight, “Let Me Introduce Her” is a mystery, thriller and romance series starring Jo Hyun-jae, Kim Jae-won and Nam Sang-mi. “Wok of Love” will end Monday night and a new series, “Still 17,” will start Tuesday. “Your Honor” is the new series after “The Undateables” ends this Wednesday.

Jeong Eum caves in; Yoon Jin explodes

When South Koreans talk about golf, you normally hear about the success of many LPGA Korean players. It’s been awhile hearing a Korean name in the PGA winner’s circle since the days of KJ Choi, James Hahn and Si Woo Kim, to name a few.

Soo Hee is devastated; Jung Wan gets furious

One of the most popular South Korean comfort foods is jajangmyun, or noodles with black bean sauce. Its origin goes back to the Chinese zhajiangmian dish, literally meaning “fried sauce noodles,” from the Shangdong region of China. This dish is the main item on the current drama “Wok of Love,” a Chinese-Korean restaurant run by gangsters. Jajangmyun is made with black bean sauce, pork and vegetables.