ERSOY: Why is dieting a never ending story? Part 2

In part one of this series I gave you a little bit of bad news when I explained how dieting is hard and how our body’s reaction is to make sure that we maintain homeostasis, keeping everything with normal conditions and not losing weight.

All Ears mediators provide free listening service

LIHU‘E — Sometimes people just want to be heard. Conrad Welti saw the value in listening while serving as a mediator at Kaua‘i Economic Opportunity, which works with people in a variety of interpersonal disputes.

JONES: Top 10 tricks for strength training: Part 1

Mahalo for all of the information in your column. I’ve been good about doing cardio but I know that lifting weights is important too. Can you please give me some basic tips for strength training? There are so many different opinions out there and I’m just not sure what’s right anymore.

ERSOY: Why is dieting a never ending story? Part 1

For many people, Thanksgiving and Christmas mean gaining some extra weight then starting dieting once the holidays are over. I don’t think that it is the smartest idea to eat extra with a wish to then lose it after the holidays. Here’s why…

Free diabetes, blood pressure screening Saturday

PUHI — The East Kaua‘i Lions Club and its community partners host a “Take Charge of Your Health: Free Diabetes and Blood Pressure Screening” event on Saturday at the Kaua‘i Philippine Cultural Center from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

JONES: Starting stamina slowly is right way to go

In a few of your previous columns, you’ve mentioned the importance of including “stamina” exercises at the beginning of each workout session. Could you please be a little more specific about which types of cardio you think are best for somebody just getting back into the swing of fitness. I want to do things right and I don’t know which activities are the best for those of us re-starting from scratch.

ERSOY: How excess sugar can compromise your immunity

There are a number of reasons why sugar has got a bad reputation in recent years. The most obvious reason is that we can see that most people are not really healthy. Foods that contain sugars are sweet and give us a quick dopamine release, making us enjoy them and want to eat more. Maybe you heard that sugar is more addictive than most drugs? No matter how addictive, one thing for sure is that the majority of us do like sweets such as baked goods, sugary drinks and ice cream.

How safe is your keiki car seat?

LIHU‘E — Certified Child Car Seat inspector Lisa Dau from the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children said a new law pertaining to child passenger restraint was passed in July, and it’s beneficial for users of keiki car seats and boosters to have their equipment checked for not only compliance with the new law, but also for safety effectiveness.

ERSOY: How to improve bone health with exercise

Most people know what they need to do to lose weight, although applying the knowledge can still be tricky. However, it’s very hard to know what you can do to improve your bone health. We have probably all heard that calcium is very important for our bones, which is true, but getting enough calcium in your diet alone might be not enough.

JONES: Where should I exercise in Kaua‘i?

Aloha Doug: I have been working out fairly consistently for my entire life. Sometimes I had access to the poshest of health clubs. Other times, I did push-ups and sit-ups at home. Now, living in Kaua‘i, do you have any suggestions on where I should train? Should I look for a place that has a certain kind of equipment, or should I buy something specific for my home? Thanks for your help!

ERSOY: Are we expecting too much of others?

Coming back to visit my family and friends, after a long time living outside my own country where I was born, has made me realize just how many difficulties I used to have in my life when I was living here. Then I started to question myself as to whether we are creating our own difficulties, unknowingly?

JONES: When should I exercise? And do I really need to have a good time?

Aloha Doug: Thanks for all of the information that you share in your column and on your website. I really like how you make fitness so much fun. I’m doing my best to fit fitness into my schedule each and every day. Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of different things about the best time of day to exercise. I’m interested in hearing YOUR thoughts about whether or not it really matters what time of day I work out.

ROSEN: The waiting room and the doctors’ handwriting

The doctor’s waiting room has changed in recent years. There’s no longer the magazine and newspaper rack to keep you busy while awaiting your visit. Patients are now glued to their smartphones in the waiting rooms even though you see signs saying no cell phone usage.