DOH launches Healthy Hawai‘i Strategic Plan

HONOLULU – Over 200 stakeholders, advocates, and visionaries across the state gathered virtually today to launch the Healthy Hawai‘i Strategic Plan 2030 (HHSP), a roadmap for improving the health of Hawai‘i residents by preventing and reducing chronic disease.

The latest trend in fitness is….sexy

Dance and fitness have always had a close relationship. Watching a professional dancer perform, we usually see a muscular, athletic body. An undeniable shift has taken place over the last 20 years though. Dance has taken the world of fitness by storm.

Relieve your stress

According to the news media we are still in the COVID Pandemic. However, the good news is that the situation is improving greatly throughout most of the world.

Skate sports are making waves

If you drive through Kapaʻa town after school hours, pass the newly renovated skate park, or stroll down the Ke Ala Hele Makalae coastal path, you will almost certainly see lots and lots of wheels!

RUTGARD: Don’t let your guard down

For those who do not already have a healthy daily routine of diet and exercise, here are some steps to improve your health. If you already have a good healthy diet and do aerobic exercise each day such as swim, surf, walk, run, paddle, sup board, wind surf, volleyball, garden, continue to do so as recommended by your doctor.

ERSOY: Strengthen your body to handle disease, Part 4

In the previous article in this series I mentioned supplements, diet, and making positive lifestyle changes such as exercise and the effects that this has on strengthening your body so that you can fight back better against whatever comes. Now let’s talk about natural herbs which are a very powerful tool to heal and protect ourselves.

Reporter’s view about getting the COVID-19 vaccine

I took a leap of faith and got my first shot of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine shot on Tuesday at the Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall since I got the email from the Department of Health saying it was time for essential workers to get vaccinated.

AARP Hawai‘i has cooking webinars

AARP Hawai‘i’s popular Fast, Healthy and Ono cooking webinars continue in March with recipes and live instruction for dishes ranging from seared ahi to a butchery lesson on beef ribs to Mexican and Korean rice bowls.

ERSOY: Strengthen your body enough to handle disease, Part 1

We all want the same thing, to stay healthy and to live as long as possible. However, how many of us really pay close attention to our health? Many of us prefer choosing comfort and pleasure instead of eating healthy foods and taking regular exercise. I think that we all know what we need to do, but actually doing it is often not so easy.