ISLAND HISTORY: The Waipahee Slide at Kealia, Kauai

Waipahee Slide is a naturally created, rock water chute, about thirty feet in length, with a downward angle of some forty-five degrees, located on Kealia Stream within Kauai’s 6,500-acre Kealia Ahupuaa, roughly three miles west of the Spalding Monument.

ISLAND HISTORY: Bing Crosby and Toyo Shirai at Wailua Golf Course

While vacationing on Kaua‘i with his wife, Kathryn, and children Harry, Mary and Nathaniel Crosby during July 1962, popular singer, actor and golf enthusiast Bing Crosby said that the Wailua Golf Course was the best in the state of Hawai‘i and “one of the best in the world.”

ISLAND HISTORY: Visiting historic places on Kauai with Holbrook “Hobey” Goodale

Holbrook “Hobey” Goodale (1923-2014) of Kauai was a descendant of American Protestant missionaries to Hawaii William Harrison Rice and Mary Sophia Hyde Rice; his great-grandfather, William Hyde Rice, had been Kauai’s governor under Queen Liliuokalani; Charles Rice, his grandfather, owned Kipu Sugar Plantation and Kipu Ranch, and his mother, Juliet Rice Wichman, founded the Kauai Museum.