Pioneer Kauai tour driver Samuel K. Peahu Sr.

Samuel K. Peahu Sr. (1894-1975), one of Kauai’s very first tour drivers, was born in Waimea, and was originally named Kamuela Kahinu Pokipala, but later settled on the first name Samuel and the surname Peahu, the name of his adopted mother.

Here’s a brief history of the Kalihiwai bridges

In 1902, the Executive Council of the Territory of Hawaii recommended that a bridge of cylinder piers, 160 feet in length, be built at Kalihiwai gulch to replace the ferry that had been in use for a very long time as the sole means of conveying passengers and goods across the Kalihiwai River.

The story of Morgan’s Ponds, the pools at Lydgate Park

In 1958, while vacationing in Europe, Native Hawaiian Wailua Houselots resident Albert S. Morgan Sr. (1908-2001) and his wife, Helen Morgan, visited Sorrento, Italy, located on the coast south of Naples and east of the island of Capri, and noticed that Sorrento’s beaches were protected from the open sea of the Bay of Naples by stone breakwaters lying roughly 100 yards offshore.

Bird lover, amateur ornithologist Alexander H. Isenberg

Bird lover and amateur ornithologist Alexander H. Isenberg (1901-1970) was the son of H. Alexander Isenberg, the managing director of H. Hackfeld & Co. of Honolulu, and Virginia Duisenberg Isenberg of San Francisco, and was the grandson of Kauai sugar industry pioneer Paul Isenberg.

The hippies of Kauai’s Keapana Valley

In early January 1975, a group of over 100 hippies from Los Angeles calling themselves Aquarians settled on leased land in Keapana Valley, Kauai, and soon aroused public concern by carrying bows and arrows and firing a .45-caliber handgun on their property. They were also accused of making threatening remarks to their neighbors.

Actress Nancy Kwan filmed on Kauai

In May 1965, actress Nancy Kwan — who’d achieved stardom five years earlier for her performance as Suzie Wong in the romantic drama film “The World of Suzie Wong,” also starring William Holden — was interviewed on Kauai by Honolulu newspaperman Sean O’Neill during filming of the comedy “Lt. Robin Crusoe, U.S.N.,” in which she co-starred with Dick Van Dyke.

Anthropoligist and ethnomusicologist Helen Heffron Roberts

During 1923 and 1924, Helen Heffron Roberts (1888-1985), a trained musician and anthropologist headquartered at the Bishop Museum, Honolulu, recorded for the first time over 700 ancient mele and oli chanted by aged Hawaiians throughout the Hawaiian Islands, which are archived for posterity on wax cylinders at Bishop Museum.

Miss Mary Stacey’s Kauai archaeological survey

In 1952, a survey of important private collections of Hawaiian artifacts was made on Kauai by Miss Mary Stacey of Honolulu, a member of Dr. Kenneth Emory’s class in anthropology at the University of Hawaii.