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KSA 2020 small work Big Show opens Saturday

LIHU‘E — Monika Mira is no stranger to Kaua‘i Society of Artists exhibitions, having participated in the organization’s earlier exhibits at the KSA Gallery at Kukui Grove Center.

Thomas Iannucci set to launch his third studio album

In search of a coping mechanism for self-doubt and self-deprecation, both biproducts fueled by his high anxiety, Kaua‘i recording artist Thomas Iannucci chose to chronicle and explore the darker side of his emotions with his third studio offering, “Doubting Thomas.”

3rd volume of ‘Nana I Ke Kumu’ published

The historic two volumes of “Nana I Ke Kumu,” originally penned by the renown Mary Kawena Pukui with E.W. Haertig and Catherine Lee, are considered to be invaluable references in the understanding of Hawaiian cultural practices and beliefs.

Tatofi rules at Na Hoku Hanohano Awards

HONOLULU — From the comfort of home, this year’s nominees and fans honored Hawai‘i’s biggest night in music and entertainers with 37 awards, pre-show music videos, and 17 prerecorded performances from across the pae ‘aina and continent for a virtual 43rd annual Na Hoku Hanohano Awards.

Pidgin Bible published: ‘God make da sky and da world’

Wycliffe Bible Translators — the same people who brought us the immensely popular “Da Jesus Book: Hawaiian Pidgin New Testament” — have spent the last 20 years translating the Old Testament from the original Hebrew into contemporary local Pidgin English under the careful guidance of the Rev. Earl Morihara and linguistics professor Joseph Grimes.

Wainiha resident’s documentary to premiere on Netflix

Wainiha resident, painter, photographer and public artist Elsa Flores Almaraz has used her skills as a videographer and photographer to document the events of her community from the 2018 floods to the recent cult controversy by sharing them with local news outlets and on social media. Although she has garnered tens of thousands of views on various platforms, she is about to get a much wider international audience and a global platform.