Happy Camper for Monday, January 20, 2020

Greg Askew of Ono Pops said he’s using Thai bananas — yes, they’re grown on Kauai! — for the new banana sorbet that joins the five spice (it’s here for Chinese New Year that is on the calendar for this coming Saturday!) offerings at the Kauai Community Market, a partnership with Kauai Community College and the Kauai County Farm Bureau on Saturday mornings at KCC.

Births for Monday, January 20, 2020

• Zyan Makoakelawikanikilika • Kahia‘aileiakalewa PalikuikamakaniKauahae Sakiya Palama • Amaya Leimomi Santiago-Ader • Arman Kaikoa Clinton Bettencourt • Dream Tahia Ku‘u Pua Mae‘ole Pauahi Kaneakua • Natalia Kealaonaona Mei An Alvarez • Olive Ceclia Joy Dettle • Damien Sage Kawikakualula‘iku Labanon • Levi • Maverick-Lee Kealaonaolomea Tama Ta‘ala • ‘Eleu Braven Ellis • Fisher Cruize Stuart • Keegan Kamaha‘o DeSilva • George Francis Huaka‘i Rapozo • Harlow Viola Rivers • Tyde Kanoa Orsatelli • Xyrus John Langi • Ha‘alea-Marie Kulia I Ka‘u‘i Lazaro • Yui Ann Demerin Vicente • Koltyn Kamaehu Vasconcelles Kaui • Maya Ruth Morrow

Happy Camper for Sunday, January 19, 2020

“How do you look at the wind?” is just one of the questions 5-year-old Mason Pillos (he’s at the big school now) posed of Jean Souza (she’s got the first Sanctuary Ocean Count this Saturday!) after school Friday at the Kauai Ocean Discovery center (the Ocean Count volunteers got trained here, too) that opened last Saturday at Kukui Grove Center.

Lonely Hawaiians far from home in the South Seas

While traveling in the South Seas during 1925, Honolulu-born naturalist, agriculturist and traveler Gerrit P. Wilder (1863-1935) met two lonely Hawaiians who had not seen or heard from their Hawaiian relatives for many years.

Green sea turtle car wash

Do you know that honu, our Hawaiian green sea turtle goes on a regular basis to a “turtle cleaning station” just like we may go to a car wash!

Happy Camper for Friday, January 17, 2020

Lenny Rapozo, one of the Kauai Interscholastic Federation basketball referees, could not help but notice 9-month-old Kalawaia Fagarang-Sunn (grandpa Neil Fagarang said Kalawaia’s grandma was the late pro surfer Rell Sunn!), who was securely bundled behind the officials’ table at the Wednesday night KIF girls basketball games. Lenny said he’s recruiting Kalawaia to help build the officials base (yes, they need help getting more officials!).

How to get good sleep

Many people are struggling with sleep disorders, which might mean they fall asleep quickly but then wake up multiple times in the night, or it may mean not falling asleep easily at all. I am really very lucky to not have any sleep issues in my life. I do believe that we still can create our own luck though, by living and thinking in a healthy manner.

Happy Camper for Monday, January 13, 2020

Rita DeSilva (how many of you remember when she was the editor at TGI?) used to always have a picture of cane tassels appearing on the pages of TGI as a reminder of the season, and on Saturday, the specimen growing in the Kauai Community College lo‘i (taro field) finally decided it would open its plume to the blowing winds that have been pelting the island over the past few days.

Meet the Lion’s paw sea cucumber

Sometimes when I scuba dive or snorkel in Hawaii I see things that just do not look real! Weli the lion’s paw, or conspicuous sea cucumber, is one of them!

Talk story with Ashley Nagaoka

Kauai girl Ashley Nagaoka has been doing Oahu TV news for a total of eight years as a general assignment reporter. She recently celebrated her third-year anniversary at Hawaii News Now.

Happy Camper for Sunday, January 12, 2020

Allen Tom (he’s from Maui) has been waiting for about 20 years for the opening of the Kauai Ocean Discovery (it’s got special Sunday hours today from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) at Kukui Grove Center.