Meet the Hawaiian long-nose hawk-≠≠fish

Scuba diving near the island of Ni‘ihau off the coast of Kaua‘i is quite an adventure, as there are areas of crystal-clear water and underwater, 300-foot-tall cliffs just teaming with marine life.

Happy Camper for Friday, March 27, 2020

All of the Hawai‘iUSA Federal Credit Union off-island staff has gone home (great employment opportunities now for those needing COVID-19 opportunities) to tend to their respective families during these “unprecedented” (borrowed from government, health, and business officials) times.

Happy Camper for Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Kudos to Wendy Castillo and the staff at St. Theresa School on working hard to get their online instruction kits ready for the school’s PK3 through Grade 8 population ahead of Gov. David Ige’s stay-home mandate taking effect.

Happy Camper for Monday, March 23, 2020

Tepairu Manea said the First Hawaiian Church craft fair in Kapa‘a won’t happen until at least the third Saturday in April… he’s crossing his fingers for changes for the better in this COVID-19 world of rapid changes.

‘Thank You for Being A Friend’

Thank You for Being A Friend was the theme of the Kaua‘i Animal Welfare Society fundraising event that was held March 14 at the Kaua‘i Beach Resort near Hanama‘ulu.

Happy Camper for Friday, March 20, 2020

Curfew? Marc Valentin of KQNG Radio Group said he doesn’t remember ever going through one of these. Social distancing? A lot of things are changing (almost instantaneously, too).

Happy Camper for Sunday, March 15, 2020

Yes, Kala‘ea Lake (he’s Laola Lake’s son who just moved back from Las Vegas), Liliana Estep and Taylor Garcia of Shell of a Life in the Anchor Cove Shopping Center would’ve loved to have face masks, but are thankful they are still able to get disinfecting hand wipes instead. They have the wipes close at hand while they work and are more mindful of hygiene in order to protect themselves from the COVID-19. Now, who’s got toilet paper?

Meet manini the Convict Tang

While diving or snorkeling in Hawaii you will more then likely see manini the Convict Tang! Sometimes you can see this fish all by itself feeding on algae that grows on the lava rocks or you may be surrounded by a school of over 200 Convict Tangs. This fish is the most common surgeonfish in Hawaii and a “tang” is a type of surgeonfish because it has a sharp spike at the base of the tail that will give a diver or predator a deep cut if they get to close.

Charles Reed Bishop, the husband of Bernice Pauahi Bishop

Born in Glens Falls, New York, Charles Reed Bishop (1822-1915) sailed from New York City in 1846 with William Little Lee to seek opportunities in the Oregon Territory, but during a stopover for provisions in Hawaii, he remained there instead and formed a partnership with William A. Aldrich selling merchandise to supply the California Gold Rush.