Happy Camper for Friday, September 18, 2020

Leslie Newall was amazed with the flooding in the lobby of the no-longer-there Roxy Theatre as she and her group of friends stopped for a break at Pono Coffee & Bakery in Kapa‘a, where the apple turnover called louder than the malasada.

Her ‘radical’ antic was being in fitness contest

Do you think we live most of our lives in a safe zone? Mostly we are looking for comfort, making sure that we are safe, and looking at the easiest way for everything. And that’s absolutely understandable, and it does seem like a smart approach too. But have you ever thought that if we are always living in our comfort zone then maybe we are missing something?

Happy Camper for Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Thank you, Nannie Ann Apalla, for letting us know that Seth Womble (do you realize there’s a Seth Womble just around the corner at the Kaua‘i Beer Company?) and Trysen Kaneshige are working on a mural that will grace the wall of the M. Tanaka Store building on Kalena Street in Lihu‘e.

Happy Camper for Sunday, September 13, 2020

Congratulations to all the volunteers on Kaua‘i for doing what you do. The massive effort of the combined volunteers make possible events like delivering food to kupuna, food distributions to people who need relief from being unemployed, and even collecting items for care packages that show appreciation to the island’s frontline workers.

Meet the colorful feather duster worm

We have some very crazy looking marine worms that grow out on our Hawaiian coral reefs and this one looks like the old feather duster hand broom that your grandmother used to clean the house with that was made from turkey feathers!

Watching ‘Mulan’ as a family

Last Friday, Disney launched a premier access tier of its service Disney+ to stream the 2020 real-life action-packed version of the movie “Mulan” for $29.99.

Happy Camper for Friday, September 11, 2020

OK, we need to get out and do something… Tommy Noyes and the Friends of Kamalani and Lydgate Park are taking reservations from volunteers for a beach cleanup, starting at 8:30 a.m., Saturday at the lifeguard tower near Morgan’s Ponds.

Happy Camper for Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Kudos to Kaua‘i County Council candidates Mike Dandurand and Dr. Addison Bulosan for helping with the United Public Workers Labor Day food distribution Saturday morning at the UPW building on Rice Street in Lihu‘e (Bulosan had a Rice Street face mask — why can’t we have an outlet for all the Rice Street support wear?).

Births for Tuesday, September 8, 2020

• Kalani Damian Kiyoshi Stewart-Yokotake • Korbin Christopher Kapuy • Leo James Lozano • Bennett Timoteo Sison Tiet • Clarke Lokemae‘ole Racca • Maya Jean Cassinis

Happy Camper for Monday, September 7, 2020

Carolyn Lum said the dragonfruit are going off at the Puhi Park Produce, where Pathitta Panyamee of Taworn Farm (she loves Ono Pops too) had both the white (her favorite) and red varieties for shoppers to select from.

Birth announcements for Sunday, September 6, 2020

• Kyrie Kielekea E Ola Kealoha Pa‘ana Valente • Malia Meleana Melendoz • Gunnar Eugene Banzai Lopez • Avelino Dacles Torres • Faeryn Elara Duronslet • Roman Martin Kahaku Boeder • Kendyll Rose Ofeliana Kalilinoe Bautista

The Strange Case of Christian Bertelmann of Kauai

The story of Koolau (1862-1896), the Kekaha, Kauai cowboy, who after being afflicted with Hansen’s Disease (known also as leprosy), fled to refuge in Kalalau Valley in 1892 to prevent authorities from deporting him to the leper colony on Molokai, is well-documented in fact and fiction.

Happy Camper for Sunday, Sept. 6

Patty Ka‘iakapu (mahalo for the contribution to the Kaua‘i Retired and Senior Volunteer Program National Day of Service project) had a Seth Womble face mask and a NirMana shirt as proof that Holly Ka‘iakapu will be one of the participating artists during the NirManaFest coming up in October.