Sanity must prevail in our elected politicians

I cast my first vote in 1969. I have voted in every election since, local, state and federal. I have always been a registered Independent. I prided myself in voting for the person and policy, not the party.

Kilauea ag park becoming something bigger

When the Kilauea Community Agricultural Center (now also known as Aina Ho‘okupu O Kilauea) was first incorporated as a nonprofit in 2015, it was probably true that most people on Kauai — if they’d heard about it at all — thought of it as small plots that community gardeners would tend.

KHS feral cat fee necessary to cover costs

The Kauai Humane Society’s current policies on stray animals and feral cats were inaccurately characterized in Susan Straight’s letter to TGI published on 10/1. To be clear, KHS accepts ALL stray dogs without fee. KHS accepts ALL friendly stray cats and kittens without fee.

Hana hou-ing the ‘Hidden life of trees’

It’s always pure pleasure to receive feedback from fans of TGI’s Forum column, “The Green Flash.” This Monday I’m moved to reprise, or “hana hou,” the Aug. 5, 2019, column, “Confessing to a love of trees,” which brought several interesting responses. I had included some of these (and am always open to feedback).

DOT has done outstanding job

I would like to acknowledge the state Department of Transportation Highways Division for its outstanding performance in: 1) repaving the roads under its jurisdiction on Kauai and 2) restoring the road on the North Shore damaged by the 2018 flood.

Sun, sand and sea may influence suicide rates

Suicide was the eighth-leading cause of death in Florida in 2017. The number of people who died by suicide totaled 3,187. Florida suicide rates for white and black males were higher than the rates for white and black females. The suicide rate for white males was the highest, while the suicide rate for black females was the lowest.

Standing for what is right in TMT standoff

In regards to Maunakea, the state has launched an effective campaign using the art of distractions: DLNR claims damage to native plants; the governor cites media threats; newspapers publish the cost of law enforcement; editorials claim hypothetical loss of potential income to the state.

Be there Friday — climate change is real

Please join me, and a whole lot of other people from across the planet — Friday, Sept. 20 (see details at bottom) - Help send a message to policymakers and government leaders everywhere and tell them:

New car lusting, questing and educating

“I am not a ‘thing’-oriented person,” I reminded myself as two of my friends came tootling up in red cars that shone sassy-sweet as candy apples. “I am not my car,” I reminded myself again as others came along in snappy, ocean-blue and polar-white, brand-new SUVs and hybrids equipped with all the newest bells and whistles, including back-up views.