More perspective on several Kaua‘i projects

In response to Debunking the House Bill Myths By Laurie Quarton — while the author of the Aug. 4, 2020, TGI article ‘Debunking the House Bill Myths’, has identified several projects on Kaua‘i that were constructed over the past few years, the author seems to be misinformed as to how these projects actually came about. While these projects were physically developed after the current housing ordinance (Ord. 860 effective as of December 10, 2007 without the mayor’s signature became Chapter 7A) these projects had nothing to do with meeting requirements imposed by this ordinance.

Kaua‘i has learned from others’ virus mistakes

How sad. Hawai‘i was in such an enviable position. The virus came so late, and so slowly to Hawai‘i, that at each stage we had the opportunity to see and learn from what was happening in the Far East, in Europe, on the mainland, and to learn.

Finding the perfect candidate

There are good people and there are good candidates. But the two are not always in alignment, none are without flaws and all have strengths and weaknesses. An individual could be in many ways a wonderful person, but a terrible candidate. The reverse is also of course true.

Finding meaning for Hawai‘i

It has been almost two months since I wrote an op-ed piece titled “Grief for a World Killed by covid” (I still refuse to honor the germ by capitalizing it). Hawai‘i is still shut down to visitors, and the anticipated August opening has been moved back to September due to the spikes on the mainland and limited testing abilities available here.

Don’t give in to fear, panic

These are frightening times. In my office, I talk with so many people who are unsettled and increasingly nervous about this virus. Many are confused and wonder how we can best survive this pandemic.

Don’t reopen Kaua‘i yet

Aug. 1, 2020 a date to reopen Kaua‘i or begin practicing safe distancing funeral procession? It has become plainly clear as to how the Corona-19 Virus is spread - uncontrolled human contact. Not wearing masks, not socially distancing, not following the science guided directions.

Give and take needed on affordable-housing bill

Upon its anticipated passage in the next couple months, Council Bill 2774 will bring forward a much-needed update to our County’s Housing Policy, which has provided very little new workforce housing or affordable housing for those folks who make too much money to qualify for federally-subsidized housing but not enough to afford market-rate housing.

It’s important to learn history

Dr. Thomas Sowell has produced some excellent videos about the history of slavery and racism, available on YouTube. It is heartbreaking to watch, but it is important to learn about our history. It is also appropriate to learn from a brilliant Black scholar like Dr. Sowell.

Eliminating affordable-housing mandate a bad idea

Councilmember KipuKai Kuali’i and Council Chair Kaneshiro have introduced Bill 2774 that if passed, will effectively eliminate the construction of any future workforce/affordable housing in the town cores of Lihue, Koloa, and Kalaheo.