Sizzling and soliloquizing at summer solstice

It is the doves’ peaceful “coo-roo” with slanting June sunlight that wakes me now, although it’s the scarlet cardinal and his mate I see pecking around on the lawn under the allamanda vine as I peer through the louvers of our bedroom window.

More studies needed before water can be deemed ‘safe’

This is an opinion letter in response to a recently published Hawaii Department of Health report on May 22 (“Mahaulepu and Waikomo Watersheds PhyloChip Source Tracking Study, Hawaii”) and associated The Garden Island article (“Study clears water for swimmers”) published on June 6 of this year.

This community cares about oceans

What a wonderful, ocean-minded community we have on Kauai! The entire island was bustling with World Oceans Day events. I wanted to make a quick shout-out to Kauai Sailing Association, which hosted a frenzy of activity this World Oceans Day.

Understanding pesticides can be complex

The 2016 Earthjustice court victory “forced” the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, working with the Environmental Protection Agency, to enact “annual reporting of restricted-use pesticides; permits for the application of the pesticide, chlorpyrifos; and 100-foot buffer zones (The Garden Island, June 5, 2019).” Thank you, Earthjustice.

Peace can flow like a river

What a good thing that I didn’t sink into this past Friday eve’s peaceful, r&r mode to “chill.” Instead, abandoning the chance to settle into my favorite chair with a book and glass of cool sangria in hand, I “hele’d on down” to the Kapaa Public Library meeting room. I was drawn to hear retired Col. Ann Wright speak on global politics and peace-building missions.

Airports need online parking reservation system

In the summer of 2018, I flew from the Ontario/LA International Airport to Chicago Midway for leisure. The layout of Ontario Airport is very similar to Lihue Airport, from the road design check-in area, and, more importantly, the limited ground-level parking.

Five paths for changemakers

For those committed to making the world a better place and believe that government structures and civic action play a key role — here are 5 ways to make change happen.

Becoming wisely wary

My violin bow coaxes a jaunty, toe-tapping rhythm playing “Ryan’s Rant” as I send love and healing thoughts daily to my 21-year-old grandson Ryan as a musical prayer. Others have been sending prayers for his recovery of health, too — greatly appreciated.

The days of plausible deniability are over

If you are an administrator, public or private, you are liable for the workplace practices that occur under your supervision or authority. Likewise, if you are an employer, public or private, you are responsible for the actions and inactions of your administrators/managers.

Most people guided by moral compass

I deplore the new chant: “Investigate the investigators”. It implies that whenever people find something critical of the president, even if voluminously documented, it could only be because they were politically motivated. In short, they were corrupt.