VOICES: $15 per hour minimum wages is what we need

Not again! No $15.00/hr. minimum wage? This is wrong! This is shameful! This is harmful, bad, and uncalled for!!! What a boo boo. Like Daffy Duck would say, “This is Despicable!” And why wouldn’t they want to pass this bill? Just why? The $15.00 min. wage is needed, it’s important, and it’s something that would help us get back on our feet, and really get the economy back.

HOOSER: Union leaders push for roll-call vote

The price of poker just went up in the state House. The tension in that big square building on Beretania Street is palpable as 51 representatives are being put in a position of choosing which side they are on.

VOICES: Transgender deserve happiness, success

I hoped someone else would respond to Kathryn Jean Lopez’ (March 21, 2021) homily against treating trans humans equally with others. Perhaps a Christian, or someone more religious or spiritual than I. But, no.

VOICES: Ban chlorpyrifos immediately

Kauai’s marine biologist Dr Carl Berg, has published a study in Plos One, 2018, finding much higher levels of Roundup in honey on western Kauai than eastern Kauai.