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Breaking News

Understanding the impeachment process

The House of Representatives has opened an impeachment inquiry concerning President Donald Trump. Impeachment in the House is the first of two steps in removing a president for cause; the second step is trial in the Senate.

Mahalo for support of wounded veterans

Many of you may not know this, but the Kauai Veterans Council and many caring Kauai businesses and community leaders and members support Vacations for Warriors, a program created by Robert (Bob) DeMonbrun, a Colorado resident, to send men and women wounded in war on vacations to the Hawaiian Islands.

Begin now to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday

We have passed Halloween. Some people say “thank God,” and others wish it would last all year. And we approach the holiday season quickly. The stores are already filled with Christmas ornaments and trees arrive soon. And people were thinking about their Thanksgiving feast preparations, and family, of course.

Studies offer revealing look at pesticides

Canadian lawyers just launched a $500 million class-action lawsuit against Roundup makers and 42,000 plaintiffs “Sue Bayer over Glyphosate,” reports Sustainable Pulse, Nov. 22, 2019. “Lawsuits against Bayer are on the rise over claims that the company’s weedkiller causes cancer. The legal cases have taken a toll on Bayer’s share price and reputation.”

We must act now on climate change

The debate over what Big Oil knew about climate change — and when — has very real ties to our local fossil-fuel industry. Shell, Texaco and BP are local fossil-fuel providers that helped to fund the climate-denial “science” that has derailed efforts over the last 30 years to show fossil fuels to be the primary cause of climate change.

Planning Commission upholds public trust

The fundamental premise establishing the protection of ground water as a public trust resource under the Hawaii Constitution is based on the recognition that water is the source of all life in Hawaii that no one — not even ali’i — could own. The duty to uphold and protect the public trust is thrust upon all state and county agencies, and in this case, the Planning Commission.

Kauai needs farmers now more than ever

I came to Kauai around 16 years ago and somehow managed to get myself involved with the Kauai County Farm Bureau. I had an extensive marketing background and had this idea about creating a program called “Grow Kauai.”

Former Kauai mayor endorses Kahele

For 10 years, it was my honor to serve as your mayor. Prior to that, I served in public service for the County of Kauai for 25 years, first as a civil servant in the Department of Parks & Recreation then with the County Agency on Elderly Affairs and then under Mayor Baptiste as the director of Parks & Recreation.

Support actions to create more housing

They say making law is like making sausage, and after considerable grinding and debate, the Additional Rental Unit (ARU) law was signed into law in March of 2018 under Chapter 8-30.1 of the County Code.