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VOICES: Support builds for cultural site at Coco Palms

In a statement released yesterday and published statewide in the Honolulu Star Advertiser, Kaua‘i residents Pua Rossi-Fukino, Makana Reilly and Fern Anuenue Holland, speaking on behalf of the I Ola Wailuanui Working Group, released a statement: “The place formerly known as the Coco Palms Hotel will never ever be developed again as a hotel or resort property. Of this, we are sure. Elvis has indeed left the building.”

VOICES: Work together to keep Kaua‘i pono

My perspective on the vandalism of the Hi‘iaka Mural at Waimakaohi‘iaka aka Salt Pond comes from my position as a Kaua‘i born and raised wahine and who is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit, Kamawaelualani Corp.

VOICES: Stay home then

Every time I hear people demonstrating, trying to prove a point, or saying negative things, like the government is forcing people to take the vaccines, which to you all are bad, I feel that I just got whacked below the belt, and I just simply go berserk.

VOICES: Group requests public meeting with Kawakami, Berreman

Dear Mayor Kawakami, It has been 16 months since a state of “emergency” was declared in Hawai‘i, and in all these months we have had ample time to evaluate the situation and figure out how to best move forward without continued infringement upon the people’s rights.

VOICES: On body cameras and ‘criminal law’

Imagine having a job where everything you did was recorded on a body cam and could be used against you in a court of law? Your every move is under a microscope. This is what our men and woman in blue have to deal with on a 24-hour basis, 7 days a week.

VOICES: The Roots of Climate Change

Human-caused climate change started not only with burning fossil fuels but with our exploitation of the Earths’ soil. Indigenous societies, many with sophisticated agricultural systems structured around knowledge of environmental limits, were often violently displaced from their land or forced to accept European farming models.

TAX MAN: Secret tax relief on Maui

In a recent article, we spoke of a decision by the government of Maui to broaden the class of properties classified as short-term rental (which happens to be the class of properties with the second highest property tax rate, even edging out hotels and resorts, beaten only by timeshares). We noted that the decision happened at light speed, and we wondered why.

PAL PAPERS: But for the Grace of God …

The fourth Sunday of each month, we cover relevant topics on housing, sustainability, or current events that impact your life. We then take a deeper dive into these topics on our PAL KKCR Radio Show from 4 to 6 pm the next day – tomorrow, the fourth Monday of the month.

VOICES: Draft solid-waste management plan needs work

A public (online through Microsoft Teams) hearing is scheduled on June 17 (info at on Kaua‘i’s draft Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan. Comments are accepted at through July 19. Here’s my comment: The ISWMP often ignores ‘aina.