Swearing an oath is not enough

Soon, our elected leaders will be raising their right hands to swear an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, State Constitution and County Charter.

Same day voters in Kaua‘i choose Aiona and Tupa‘i ticket

Kaua‘i County gets bragging rights with the highest voter turnout of all counties, with 51 percent of registered voters actually casting their vote. Hawai‘i County was second with 49.3 percent, Honolulu third with 48.9 percent, and Maui was last at 45.7 percent.

Choosing the future county council

It’s last call. The polls will be closing soon. Voting is in full swing and the absolute deadline to walk-in your ballot and or vote in person is Nov. 8. All the info on how to register and vote on the same day is at https://elections.hawaii.gov.

HOOSER: Reclaiming Coco Palms — a just cause

I’ve never donated $2,000 to anything, let alone $10,000. Like most of us, I don’t have a ton of money and after the bills that are due on the first of every month are paid, there’s no shortage of other family needs and wants.

Why hasn’t KCC theater reopened?

We are only sending this letter to the press after multiple attempts to work through the Hawai‘i university system and after contacting our elected officials. After more than six months, we’ve had no response on this issue.

VOICES: No hotel at Coco Palms site

Our elected or selected government representatives have been misled and duped by the empty promises of off island developers for the past 30 years since Coco Palms was destroyed by ‘Iniki.

HOOSER: The people versus Joe Manchin

Our 4 member all (D) Hawai’i Congressional delegation came very close yesterday to being forced to vote on a deal proposed by Senator Joe Manchin (D - but not really) of West Virginia.

VOICES: Democracy, freedom are worth fighting for

In a speech Sept. 21, Russia President Vladimir Putin claimed “Washington (is) urging Kyiv to transfer military operations to (Russia)…Nuclear blackmail has…begun… Statements by senior officials of… NATO countries (ask if) …permissible to use weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons against Russia.”

VOICES: Peace really does begin with me

Wednesday was the International Day of Peace. This world holy day also known as World Peace Day was initially proclaimed or instituted by the United Nations in 1981. The date of Sept. 21 was nailed down in 2001 (so 10 days after our 9-11 World Trade Center attack).

HOOSER: Council to give $7 million for 10 words

The Kaua‘i County Council agenda set for Wednesday, Sept. 21, includes Resolution 2022-28, which proposes to transfer to the Grove Farm Company approximately $7 million in taxpayer-funded property improvements, newly constructed buildings, related infrastructure, and nearly six acres of land — that same land that Grove Farm had previously given to the county.