The time is now to plan the safe resumption of life on Kaua‘i

Although it appears too soon to lift the lockdown on Kaua‘i (we must take counsel from our public health experts on this), it is not too soon to talk about how to do it. We must restart our civic life as soon as it is safely possible. To do this, we must figure out how to reopen Kaua’i in a COVID-19 infected world while avoiding reinfection and another lockdown.

I remain at home, you should too

Recently there has been an increase in protesters across the country, claiming that the “stay-at-home” policies enacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic are infringing on our rights given by the constitution.

Plea to those still working: Give if you can

I was not here for (Hurricane) ‘Iniki, but have heard many stories about the power of the storm and the fear it caused as its winds bore down on our shores. I also heard heart-opening stories of how the community came together in the aftermath to support each other.

Look where we have gotten to now

Well, well, look at where we are. Like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, or like Dorothy being carried off to the land of Oz, we suddenly find ourselves in a world totally changed, unlike anything we have ever experienced.

Coronavirus and illicit drug use

As people are overwhelmed with the flood of information and media attention that’s come with the coronavirus, or COVID-19, many are concerned about if and how they will survive.

The time is now for kokua

Everyone is getting a barrage of information about COVID-19, and people are listening to variable degrees, but there are some constants, and it is important for people to understand the why of all of the measures that are being put into place. Here is just a little more information. We have a very small window of time to save a lot of lives.

Pandemic priorities – thinking ahead

While our first priority is personal health and then the economic realities of today, we must also at some point soon talk about what comes tomorrow.

No time for vanity, face masks save lives

The U.S. Federal, State, and/or Local governments should quickly pass laws requiring everyone to wear face masks in all public locations where there is risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. I suggest these laws be in force immediately for all counties that have community spread of this virus.

Doing church together but apart

For people of faith, one of the more challenging results of the coronavirus has been the closure of all religious gatherings.