HOOSER: Crooked politicians — a pox on them all

The stereotype that all politicians are crooks seems more true today than ever. We know this first-hand here in Hawai’i where several of our elected officials are now sitting in jail after being caught taking bribes and violating the public trust.

HOOSER: Why have political parties?

There are four political parties active in Hawai‘i — Democratic, Republican, Green, and Aloha ‘Aina. What purpose do they serve? What could they accomplish if they decided to organize and mobilize?

HOOSER: Looking ahead to 2026 elections

The year 2024 will be big in national politics, but locally it may be a bit “ho hum.” There’s no governor’s race, no mayor’s race, our four state legislative seats seem locked up, and movement on the Kaua‘i County Council will likely be minimal.

HOOSER: Koloa Day at the planning commission

It was Tuesday July 11, 2023, and the room was packed. The issue at hand was a luxury residential development proposed for Kaua‘i’s southside. The majority were in opposition, their attendance driven by deep concerns for Kaua‘i’s future. Most of those in support were, directly or indirectly, paid to be there.