Share aloha, and the road, with bicyclists

Whether your mom, dad, auntie or uncle taught you, or you paid da big bucks to attend a school which specialized in teaching it, everyone who gets behind the wheel of an automobile had to learn the highway code so that they could take their drivers’ test — because here in Hawai‘i, that’s the only way to get a license to drive.

Do not be pressured to expose our island

I would like to begin by offering my most sincere compliments of adoration in the exemplary job you have done in protecting what you love: We The People of Kaua‘i.

Bill 2774 puts affordable housing in jeopardy

Poised for passage this Wednesday is Bill 2774, the most significant piece of legislation considered by the County Council this year on the most important issue facing Kauaʻi pre-COVID and post-COVID: the dire need for affordable housing.

Do everything we can to protect ourselves

Today is the day. At 6:44 a.m., Hawaiian Airlines flight 123 will arrive from Honolulu, presumably bringing the first tourists to enter Kauai under Gov. David Ige’s new policy of allowing people who have had a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours to avoid quarantine.

Put science ahead of polling numbers

Mayor Kawakami’s latest Emergency Rule 19 is incomplete and unscientific because it wasn’t thought through. His intention is to be able to go from Tier 1 up through Tier 4 as the virus escalates.

Let us all stand with our mayor

Gov. Ige of our great state of Hawai‘i has denied all of the great, hard-working residents of Kaua‘i the capability to live with our families and friends in a predominantly secured and healthy environment, an enviroment that has had zero active cases of the ongoing COVID-19 virus for many, many weeks, a zero COVID environment that all Kaua‘i residents, of all ages, from all cultures, have sacrificed for with the loss of income, loss of jobs, and some with loss of loved ones.

Dishonest Kamala

During the VP Debate held in Salt Lake City, Utah last week, US Sen. Kamala Harris told many mistruths, otherwise called lies, but this was one of the biggest I believe.