Keep Kaua‘i kipuka safe

A kipuka is described as a place surrounded by lava, protected and able to flourish. They are often small oases of vegetation and life surrounded by the starkness of new lava flows.

Finding the perfect candidate

There are good people and there are good candidates. But the two are not always in alignment, none are without flaws and all have strengths and weaknesses. An individual could be in many ways a wonderful person, but a terrible candidate. The reverse is also of course true.

Together, we move forward

Most of us have spent the past 24 hours nailing down roofs and boarding up windows, cutting trees away from power lines — getting ready for impending Hurricane Douglas.

Finding meaning for Hawai‘i

It has been almost two months since I wrote an op-ed piece titled “Grief for a World Killed by covid” (I still refuse to honor the germ by capitalizing it). Hawai‘i is still shut down to visitors, and the anticipated August opening has been moved back to September due to the spikes on the mainland and limited testing abilities available here.