Time to pivot to local elections

In only 60 days the 2020 primary election will essentially be over. Ballots will be mailed out on or about July 22, and most of the voting will occur in the following 10 days. All ballots must be received by Aug. 8. Important: Ballots must be received by Aug. 8 and not mailed by Aug. 8.

Evolving ideas on opening safely

Hawai’i is now not only one of the most beautiful places in the world but also one of the most COVID-free. The big question everyone is grappling with is how to safely reopen our economy with limited tourism.

Grief for a world killed by COVID

If nothing else, sheltering in place gives me a lot of time to think. As I maneuver through these unprecedented times, I have been filled with an abundance of contradictory information about our new invisible enemy.

On ‘DINOs’ and the upcoming local elections

June 2 is the filing deadline for prospective candidates interested in running in the upcoming 2020 elections. Those who might be interested in entering the race for County Council, state House of Representatives or the state Senate, need to have by the end of that day gathered the required signatures and have them confirmed by the office of elections.

Wetlands – they work and we play

We love water in Hawai‘i! Easy access to rivers for paddling and kayaking, or the chance to hike to a waterfall, are a perk of living here.

Growing animosity toward visitors concerning

As a board member of Hawaii Tourism Authority, it has given me firsthand insight into the economy of our state and the future growth of Kauai. What follows are strictly my opinions, as a resident and employer, on where we are at this troubled time in our world and how Kauai is being affected.

State Legislature: Budget work is only half of it

While Hawai‘i’s legislative leadership is crowing loudly about their proclivity in spending the COVID-19 disaster money, balancing the state budget and avoiding public-worker layoffs and salary cuts, there is far too much still going undone.