Same day voters in Kaua‘i choose Aiona and Tupa‘i ticket

Kaua‘i County gets bragging rights with the highest voter turnout of all counties, with 51 percent of registered voters actually casting their vote. Hawai‘i County was second with 49.3 percent, Honolulu third with 48.9 percent, and Maui was last at 45.7 percent.

Choosing the future county council

It’s last call. The polls will be closing soon. Voting is in full swing and the absolute deadline to walk-in your ballot and or vote in person is Nov. 8. All the info on how to register and vote on the same day is at

HOOSER: Reclaiming Coco Palms — a just cause

I’ve never donated $2,000 to anything, let alone $10,000. Like most of us, I don’t have a ton of money and after the bills that are due on the first of every month are paid, there’s no shortage of other family needs and wants.