Fewer, not more, barriers needed to operate TVRs

Aloha Kauai residents, I’m not sure you had a chance to watch coverage of the council meeting held on Dec. 4 or aware of the proposed bill that was placed on the agenda for this week just prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Ensuring life in the garden, and beyond

Danger! Roaring sounds begin. Great wheels — then blades — begin turning, chopping. Run! Crawl! Hop, if you can! Scurry into fern clumps, between ti leaf stalks. Dive into underbrush, burrow into flowerpots and beds, in crevices below roots. Fly, if blessed with wings, into high boughs. Yeow… the roar ends, but now a whine of whacking as a killing stalk whirrs close and closer into the borders where some cranny of safety might be found.

Kauai must reduce use of plastic products

The Honolulu City Council has passed a historic revision of its plastic-bag ban ordinance that extends prohibitions on single-use items to include disposable eating utensils, plastic plates and bowls and other food-related things contributing to the plastic pollution epidemic worldwide.

Understanding the impeachment process

The House of Representatives has opened an impeachment inquiry concerning President Donald Trump. Impeachment in the House is the first of two steps in removing a president for cause; the second step is trial in the Senate.

Mahalo for support of wounded veterans

Many of you may not know this, but the Kauai Veterans Council and many caring Kauai businesses and community leaders and members support Vacations for Warriors, a program created by Robert (Bob) DeMonbrun, a Colorado resident, to send men and women wounded in war on vacations to the Hawaiian Islands.