Hawai‘i could quit chlorpyrifos now

Governor Ige could immediately cancel chlorpyrifos permits for Waimea and Kekaha and create 1/4-mile buffers for other destructive pesticides, like Roundup, without waiting for the Hawai‘i Legislature.

The coronavirus is not a joking matter

There are many jokes out there on social media about the coronavirus featuring the popular beer of the same name. I once shared them and thought them funny. However, at this point, this virus must be taken seriously, and there is nothing funny about it.

Predicting Council Votes/Actions – Bill 2775

Today, on the Kauai County Council Agenda is Bill 2775, a measure introduced by Councilmembers Mason Chock and KipuKai Kuali‘i that would effectively ban the use of most styrofoam or polystyrene fast-food containers. This in my opinion is a very good thing (and this is an opinion column for those that are concerned about my offering an opinion).

Waimea Town Celebration, a fundraiser… and much more

For 43 years Kaua‘i residents and visitors have gathered on the west side for a festival that tips its hat to the old days — quite literally, when one takes into account the number of paniolo (cowboys) running around during the annual Waimea Town Celebration.

What Medicare does (and doesn’t) cover

Medicare helps pay for a wide variety of medical services and goods in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other healthcare settings. But it doesn’t cover everything, and it’s useful to know what is and isn’t covered.

Looking the other way is not an option

Drinking from a fire hose, blind-folded with both arms tied behind your back. This is a description that comes to mind when folks ask me to describe what it’s like working in the legislative arena as an advocate.

Better to be prepared

If you don’t buy tickets before the show, there’s a chance they’ll be sold out at the door. If you don’t put soap in your shopping cart, you could end up with a sink full of dirty dishes. If you don’t charge your phone at night, you could run out of power halfway through the day.

Parks director explains Black Pot parking lot decisions

Mahalo for the public’s patience while we continue to improve our facilities at Black Pot after the flood. As we embark on our public planning process concerning additional improvements at the park, we know there have been questions concerning the material choice and maintenance of the parking lot surface.