Of neighborhood watches and warnings

Lock? Latch? No need, I was told when first living and working on island. True, not many people locked homes or cars back then — that is, local neighborhood homes or cars (the more simple and nondescript the better), not necessarily vacation residences or rented transport.

Join Rotary in the fight against polio

The Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay on Saturday sponsored a mini-golf tournament to raise funds for polio prevention. It raised over $1,000 to help toward the $3.3 billion needed to completely wipe out any signs of it on the planet.

Legislators get raises — minimum wage workers get nothing

The Aloha United Way commissioned “ALICE REPORT: A STUDY OF FINANCIAL HARDSHIP IN HAWAII” determined than in 2017, 11% of Hawaii residents were living in poverty while another 37% exist on its very edge, only one paycheck away from financial disaster.

Sanity must prevail in our elected politicians

I cast my first vote in 1969. I have voted in every election since, local, state and federal. I have always been a registered Independent. I prided myself in voting for the person and policy, not the party.

Kilauea ag park becoming something bigger

When the Kilauea Community Agricultural Center (now also known as Aina Ho‘okupu O Kilauea) was first incorporated as a nonprofit in 2015, it was probably true that most people on Kauai — if they’d heard about it at all — thought of it as small plots that community gardeners would tend.