Transcendental meditation could benefit Kauai, world

Multiple peer-review research studies confirm transcendental meditation (TM) can create peace in the Mideast and TM is the most effective cure to suicidal PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome) for military personnel and veterans.

The top 5 reasons not to vote

1. Exercising the right and opportunity to help select those who control natural resource protection, social justice protections, and taxing authority would be irresponsible and only further empower the bad guys. #nottrue

Built into endings: New beginnings

“The island’s beaches are very different now from when I was growing up in Anahola,” said the older gentleman we met walking the coastal path in the Lydgate Park area on the sunny morn of New Year’s Day. “The sea is changing the coastlines.”

Cherish all your memories of Christmas

As we were preparing for the holidays, we drove around the island and saw windows showcasing various Christmas trees. Some were flocked, some tall, some short, some had multi-colored lights, while others had lights of only one color. All were beautiful.

Coulter wrong in blaming immigrants

Ann Coulter, the mouth(?)piece for the president’s 2020 campaign, has made it clear what Trumpism is about, and the stark choice presented in 2020 (TGI Forum, Dec. 14, A National View).

Youth offer vision for Westside

As most Kauai residents know, the West Kauai Community Plan has been made, reviewed, and will hopefully be put into place during the year 2020.

Tulsi doesn’t represent Hawaii

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard called for censure instead of impeachment. Dec. 18 she was absent on the floor of the House until vote time when she voted “present” on the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. These things, along with her behavior of the last few years, show that she clearly is not trying to represent the constituents of Hawaii. I believe she is now disqualified for any statewide or federal elected position.