An exercise in civic engagement

Game on. HB2541 HD1 which among other things proposes to increase Hawaiii’s minimum wage to $13, is scheduled for its first hearing in the Hawaii State Senate Committee on Labor, Culture and the Arts, this coming Thursday, March 12 at 3:15pm in room #224 at the Capitol on Oahu.

Seeking community support for Princeville craft fair

I have been organizing a small craft fair with four to five vendors at the Cliffs timeshare in Princeville for almost seven years that has become a very popular gathering place for both visitors and locals as well. We proudly invite in some of the best crafters from around the island, some from as far as the Southside hand-picked from my 30 years of organizing larger fairs here on Kaua‘i.

Innocent until proven guilty

In the hue and cry over Councilman Arthur Brun’s difficulties, there have been voices insisting he be removed from office, even before he is convicted of anything.

On choosing a 7th Councilmember

It’s inevitable that Arthur Brun will either resign or be removed from the Kauai County Council. The public pressure will grow until at some point in the not too distant future, Councilmembers and or the ethics commission will no longer be able to avoid confronting the issue.

Pass a resolution telling Brun to step down

The “Our View” editorial is short-sighted. The thrust of the column is that nothing can be done since no legal provisions exist in the charter to address the Brun calamity that our island is tarred with. “The law is the law.” That is short-sighted. Elected officials do not give up their common sense when they took office. Let me illustrate.

Arthur Brun should resign from County Council

The crimes detailed in the 29-page federal indictment of County Councilmember Arthur Brun describe an almost unfathomable betrayal of the public trust and a deeply troubling commentary on the personal damage that can be done by addiction.