HOOSER: Don’t come after my chickens

Yes, I feed them. I dump leftover rice, papaya and pumpkin seeds, and all manner of leftover food, in my backyard, and then I enjoy watching these beautiful creatures enjoy their feast. In return, they give me their chicken poop, a truly closed loop and some of the best fertilizer in the world.

HOOSER: Why should you care?

Why should you care? Why should you take the time to send off some meaningless little email to some politician who’s not going to read it, and will do what they want regardless? Trust me, I feel this way more often than I’d like to admit.

HOOSER: Pulling back the curtains on Coco Palms

Who won and who lost on Jan. 24? On the surface, as is way too often the case — the developers won. But scratch just a tiny bit and you’ll see their victory was a hollow one. They stepped in it, actually. They stepped in it big time.