Meet ‘ekaha ku moana, Hawaii’s Black Coral

We all have seen the beautiful black coral necklaces that have been sold in Hawaiian jewelry stores but this coral species is not black! Only the coral skeleton is black but the actual live coral is bright orange or tan in color.

Meet ulapapa, the regal slipper lobster

As a marine biologist, I have been studying lobsters worldwide for over 30 years, and have seen species that only grow to three inches long and others that grow to three feet long.

Meet ‘ulua aukea the giant trevally

This big fish in the jack family is very famous here in Hawai‘i because you see stickers of the fish on the back window of the fishermen’s trucks or on their T-shirts.

Meet the orange cup coral

You may not have seen one of these beautiful, bright-orange Hawai‘i cup corals, but if you have ever been on a boat along the coastline here in Hawai‘i, you have been right above thousands of them.

Meet the Hawaiian long-nose hawk-≠≠fish

Scuba diving near the island of Ni‘ihau off the coast of Kaua‘i is quite an adventure, as there are areas of crystal-clear water and underwater, 300-foot-tall cliffs just teaming with marine life.

Meet manini the Convict Tang

While diving or snorkeling in Hawaii you will more then likely see manini the Convict Tang! Sometimes you can see this fish all by itself feeding on algae that grows on the lava rocks or you may be surrounded by a school of over 200 Convict Tangs. This fish is the most common surgeonfish in Hawaii and a “tang” is a type of surgeonfish because it has a sharp spike at the base of the tail that will give a diver or predator a deep cut if they get to close.

Meet the Hawaiian Cauliflower Coral

Stony rock hard corals are living animals and here in Hawaii are known as koa. The coral animal is called a polyp and it is a very tiny creature that looks like an upside down jellyfish.

Meet the Bandit Angelfish

When diving in Hawaiian waters one may come across a pair of 10 inch long fish that just will bring a smile to your face! When I see the Bandit Angelfish I laugh as they look like they should be in a Bugs Bunny cartoon! They just do not look real at first and are one of the most special Hawaiian fish to observe while diving.

Meet the crown-of-thorns starfish

Meet the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish. But don’t ever touch one!! This huge 18 inch wide starfish comes covered in sharp venomous spines that can land you in the hospital if you tried to pick one up off of the reef.