CRITTER: Spearfishing can protect Kaua‘i coral reefs

For thousands of years butterfly fish have protected our coral reefs by feeding on dead and dying corals, which makes room for new corals to grow. The Hawaiian name for many of the butterfly fish species is kikakapu, which means “forbidden.”

CRITTER: The giant corals of Wainiha Bay

There is a secret garden of gigantic corals along the North Shore of Kaua‘i that is rarely visited by humans. These corals, which are the size of a school bus, are growing in a very unlikely place that people drive by everyday without even knowing they are there and the corals are over 1,000 years old.

CRITTER: Invasive lemonpeel angelfish found in Hawaiian waters

I was out scuba diving in Kaneohe Bay recently shooting a video of the corals, when I noticed a very pretty yellow fish back in a cave. It did not look like a butterfly fish or a yellow tang due to its shape and when I got closer and turned on my bright lights I noticed a bright blue circle around its eyes.

CRITTER: Omo the underwater hitchhiker

Remoras, also called suckerfish are the hitchhikers of the sea They have a suction cup on top of their head which is a modified dorsal fin used to attach to larger animals. Ridges on the sucking cup are parallel spines which create a vacuum to hold onto larger animals like whales, sharks, rays and sea turtles. These bizarre looking fish can grow to about 24 inches long and they will even attach to the bottom of boats to get a free ride.