CRITTER: Meet Loulu the Scrawled Filefish

Loulu the Scrawled Filefish is a bizarre looking sea creature! It can grow to almost three feet long but it is only 2 inches wide. Its huge tail fin can be a third of its body length and it has a tiny round mouth. Loulu can change colors quickly from green with blue stripes to solid grey.

CRITTER: Meet puhi the Dwarf Moray Eel

I love to scuba dive by myself and go into underwater caves because there are so many special creatures there that the world rarely if ever sees, and when I am by myself no one scares the fish away!

CRITTER: Meet the ocean’s natural seawall ‘ako ‘ako ‘a the cauliflower coral

Let’s go surfing today and ride a perfect, 10-foot wave at Sunset Beach, then afterwards hang out in the sun on the beautiful, wide, sandy beach for the afternoon. At times in the past we could say this, but now things have changed. There are very few perfect, 10-foot waves at Sunset Beach anymore, and there is no wide, sandy beach to relax on!

CRITTER: Meet the coral guard crab

When we scuba dive in Hawaii we are always on the lookout for the large crown of thorn starfish. This venomous foot wide starfish eats live coral and it is native to Hawaii. Sometimes the crown of thorns population gets out of control and can eat up an entire coral reef.

CRITTER: Meet kupipi the singing fish

Spring is here and love is all around even for the fish! From birds to geckos, animals often change colors and behaviours this time of year to attract a mate for breeding.