Noelani and Paul Pomroy

When May 1 unfolds, the Puna Court at the Kauai Marriott Resort & Beach Club will blossom with the color, fragrance and fabric of hundreds of lei for everyone to enjoy and experience. May Day is Lei Day.

Talk Story with J Robertson

In September 1976, J Robertson found himself the captain aboard a 36-foot sailboat with a busted mainsail docked in a harbor in Honolulu. With nothing to do and nowhere to in particular to go, he made a life-altering decision.

Talk Story: Shana Tafiti

About seven months ago, Shana Tafiti returned home to Kauai. The Waimea High School 2008 graduate played collegiate softball at Central Arizona Junior College and then Angelo State University, a NCAA Division II school in Texas.

Talk Story: Adam Asquith

Adam Asquith stands knee deep in water with his taro plants. He takes his time, looking for one worthy of Prince Kuhio Day for one of his customers. He holds a knife in his mouth to free his hands as he pulls the sacred plant from the murky waters.

Christina Zimmerman

Math in the jungle, language arts around the campfire, learning social skills by making pizza; everything at Christina Zimmerman’s school is outside and hands-on.

Talk Story: Jean Dobashi

The National Education Association-Retired is available to meet the needs of retired education employees, and Jean Dobashi of Lihue sits on its board as the national vice president for a special term that started in September and will be effective until August.

Talk Story – Daryl Kaneshiro

Former County Councilmember Daryl Kaneshiro agreed to talk some story on Thursday afternoon at his ranch in Omao. I asked him about his life and his land. The conversation went something like this: