Woo Jin learns the real truth; So Eun finds out about Soo Ho

The “finger heart” is often used by South Korean celebrities but now even mainstream public and politicians also use the finger gesture as a sign of love. By crossing your thumb over the index finger, you create what looks like a heart. It’s one of those trends that really caught on in South Korea.

Tae Il loses consciousness; Seo Hee finds something

South Korean President Moon Jae In visited North Korean for the Inter Korea Summit this past Tuesday to Thursday. As part of the 52-member delegation from South Korea, K-pop idols Ailee and Zico went to Pyongyang to perform for the North Korean audience.

Cheolsu senses Jina is in danger

The South Korean media coverage of the 18th Asian Games held in Jakarta and Palembang from Aug. 18 to Sept. 2 has led to the pre-emption of many regularly scheduled programs. Due to the pre-emption by the Korean TV networks, KBFD will have special programming for this week’s 7:45 p.m. dramatime block, Monday to Thursday. “Still 17” and “Your Honor” will return the following week.

Kang Woo runs; Chan Ki smiles

History and real drama happened in the Korean peninsula this past week as families separated by the Korean War were reunited after 65 years. Parents in their late 90s and early 100s met their children in their 70s in Kumkangsan Resort, on the eastern coast of North Korea.

Eun Han begs for a new face

Three new drams series will start this week. Starting tonight, “Let Me Introduce Her” is a mystery, thriller and romance series starring Jo Hyun-jae, Kim Jae-won and Nam Sang-mi. “Wok of Love” will end Monday night and a new series, “Still 17,” will start Tuesday. “Your Honor” is the new series after “The Undateables” ends this Wednesday.