Don’t let Kauai become California

Housing, traffic, and increasing a living wage (to be able to afford a decent life on Kauai) was shared by every council member and mayor during our recent election.

Ranting about rampaging wild ‘peegs’

Picture two sweaty people, two hours plus on the trail yesterday in the great outdoors on a fresh, sunshiny morning … but this was not a pleasure hike along the state trail that runs up the back of Nounou Mountain. This was a mission to eradicate aggressive weeds impinging on our property that borders the trail.

Keep North Shore satellite school open

We know that Mayor Derek Kawakami just signed a sixth supplementary emergency proclamation for the months ahead. We know this pertains to roads, bridges, parking lots, cultural centers, “rules and regulations,” but why isn’t it pertaining to the school that was set up for the emergency and the well-being of our kids?

Sovereign nation, Ko Hawaii Pae Aina of 1843, is alive, well

As stated in the United Nations Security Council memorandum of Feb. 25, 2018, our kingdom is fully operational and under a strange form of occupation, by the army known as the state of Hawaii and paid by the terroristic nation of the United States of America.