Red, white and blue means everyone

We need to stop the huge division of our country into red and blue. Our nation’s future is not a competition between the winning Super Bowl teams, red against blue. We are forging a path to a future that will benefit all generations, with no one left out.

Coco Palms: Time for a reality check

Amidst the sound and fury regarding the Coco Palms developers, the County of Kauai should pause and consider what it will cost and what we will lose by taking the Coco Palms property by eminent domain.

Everywhere you go, there you are

Like it or not, our past tends to follow us around. Wherever we go, our past is still out there. It’s hard to hide from it. There are some things we are more than happy to chat about, like recounting the story of a good deed, or perhaps when we won an award or were acknowledged for a great effort.

Coco Palms – Time for a new paradigm

Since that fateful day of Sept. 11, 1992 when Hurricane Iniki blew across our island, the historic and venerable Coco Palms Hotel has sat derelict as a constant reminder. We are reminded daily of that powerful storm, of the numerous broken promises made by various developers and owners since then, and of the impotence of our local government to do anything about it.