Fee needed to fund public transit

We do live on an island and bringing too many cars, plastic bottles or Styrofoam coolers just makes no sense as the more stuff we bring over, the more crowding of roads and landfills. We only have a finite amount of space.

County celebrates America Recycles Day today

Reycle. It’s one of the easiest ways we can take care of our environment. Instead of tossing aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic containers, cardboard and paper products into the trash, we can recycle it.

Choosing the chair – Whose bias do you prefer?

Today being the first post-election meeting of the Kauai County Council is sure to be non-eventful on its surface. But the sub-currents are no doubt running strong, even as the winners are gracious and the losers act like all is OK.

For every car that arrives, one should leave

I find myself thinking about: “What time should I leave my house to be on time? Will traffic congestion only get worst, like it has over the last few years? When will things get any better?” It seems that we are leaving home and work earlier and earlier (or later and later) to “beat the traffic” here on Kauai.