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Pristinely protected and preserved

Researching a “little Galapagos” for my nature-loving husband, my attention was caught by the Channel Islands, 17 miles off the coast of California. I was delving through a travel guide on the national parks when I saw (beyond a photo of cliffs rising from ocean frilled by white breakers) the intriguing statement, “Discovering the Channel Islands is like tumbling through a time warp into a California everyone assumed had long ago vanished.”

Decisive leadership or let’s golf?

We learned that currently the Kauai Bus costs the county just over $3 million to operate annually. To increase service would cost the county $950,000 if Kauai Bus was to provide the same service seven days a week.

To ease traffic, shuttle system is needed

I have written many letters of opinion on this subject and over the years. Its track record has shown us that our council continues to throw millions of dollars of subsidization at it thinking it will improve.