Letter for Sunday, June 13, 2021

Check the data; it’s science

The author of “Let’s see the smiles” states that face masks are not effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

I’m going to keep this simple. The state of Texas has a NO MASK MANDATE! That’s right, no business or government can require the wearing of masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Texas, with a population of approximately 29 million people, had a 7-day average of new cases, as reported on June 10, of 2,208.

The next-closest state was California. With a population of approximately 39 million people, it had a 7-day average of new cases at 952.

With 10 million fewer people in the state of Texas, they had a 7-day average of new COVID-19 cases of 1,256 more than California.

Bob Day, Princeville

  1. Reality Bites June 13, 2021 2:58 am Reply

    You are missing the point Bob……..It is not about the number of “COVID Cases” per population, it is about “What is the Goal”???……….ZERO CASES???? Never going to happen!

    The COVID Plandemic is no different from yearly Flu and Pneumonia cases and deaths. The death rates are the same (dying WITH Flu, Pneumonia, or WITH COVID), yet no one is/was required/ordered to wear masks and less THAN HALF the population ever got the yearly Flu Shots.

    The Scam worked…..ballots were falsified, because voting rules were changed and broken ….and Orange Man was ousted. Let’s move on.

  2. Ricardo June 13, 2021 5:23 am Reply

    Dear Bob Day, thanks for inviting us to “check the data; it’s science” A common courtesy is to provide the source of your data so we can actually do that. But your data source isn’t provided, nor are the definitions used in the different states of a “CASE.”

    When Covid first struck the discussion was about sick people, namely hospitalizations and deaths. The most vulnerable among us were getting sick and unfortunately some were dying! Those were the early days of Covid that we have passed through. Now we have fewer sick people and fewer people in the hospitals and fewer deaths.

    Our public health authorities now talk about “CASES,” which creates lots of confusion. A “CASE” is basically a positive lab test. Those tests have been unreliable. The person being called a “CASE” may have symptoms, may be sick, or may be perfectly healthy. But our public health authorities don’t tell us that, they talk about “CASES!”

    So your comparison of “CASES” in California and Texas without your source doesn’t help us out much. And masks, of course, are a complex issue that has been much debated and discussed. I wore a mask in surgery for over 40 years and never caused an infection. Yet, for Kauai, I firmly believe the social cost of all wearing masks is far higher than the benefit. Obviously, opinions may differ.

  3. james June 13, 2021 7:49 am Reply

    I get your point. But, my compassion for people who don’t want to get vaccinated and then get the virus has reached a zero-care status. Masks work and anyone who wants to wear one should do so. If I were not vaccinated, I would certainly continue to wear one if I lived in a state that has done away with the mask mandate. But why should those of us who have been vaccinated continue to wear masks? I say let’s follow the lead of those states that have done away with mask requirements and open back up fully and with no restrictions. In other words, now is the time to return to normal.

  4. RG DeSoto June 13, 2021 8:50 am Reply

    Mr. Day makes the incorrect assumption that correlation equals causation–a common error when the ignorant make proclamations about statistical data they pretend to understand. There is no data that substantiates it was mask wearing that explains the delta in a rolling average of cases between Texas and California. Neither is there data supporting the notion that mask wearing reduces the spread of SARS CoV-19.
    I suggest, Bob, that you take this simple test for some enlightenment on the whole subject of lock-downs and mask mandates: https://www.covidchartsquiz.com/
    RG DeSoto

  5. Jeff S. June 13, 2021 9:34 am Reply

    Seriously, we’re still talking about masks? I’d be more curious to know how many of the cases in Texas are illegal immigrants that tested positive. Joe and Giggles are doing a great job.

  6. RGLadder37 June 13, 2021 9:50 am Reply

    Thank you. Bob Day. Texas 2,208 7 – day average is big. People still need face mask. This definitely helps. June 10. That is a lot of people getting sick and vaccines are needed. Herd immunity sought out. 29 million people we cannot lapse on monitoring the COVID-19 rate of transmission. Keep it up.

    1. Rgstool June 13, 2021 9:29 pm Reply

      I don’t figure out if you’re just a plain simpleton or trolling the comments. But your comments are so out of touch and off the mark it really makes you wonder. Perhaps you fell of the rgladder and cracked your head.

  7. RGLadder37 June 13, 2021 9:59 am Reply

    If you’re a health nut, you fit in this category. And are the ones to pave the way for herd immunity for all Americans. Science behind face mask works. This slows down the rate of transmission. 1:1 or 1:< 1 , which is not bad. Still needs to be at zero reading for safe. But when you think about the health concern of the nation, we have some ways to go. It is not just this, but other disease like heart, blood, liver, and the list goes on. It’s an overall approach.

  8. Robert night June 13, 2021 10:28 am Reply

    Hey bobo, so what’s the point? There was a whopping 170 deaths reported yesterday….in the entire country. People who have either had it, been vaccinated, or are not considered at risk….should decide whether or not. Not a government emergency mandate. Political theater at is finest here now. In the beginning I agreed probably good to have people wear a mask. But the science was ignored or suppressed. Total joke at this point to be a maskedebator. Thanks for your anecdotal evidence.

  9. Max Cene June 13, 2021 12:03 pm Reply

    Not only do masks prevent frequent daily facial recognition and important Social Health interaction between friends and family, but also cause loss of initiation of potential new God and Nature intended lasting friendships and loving relationships. That is an UNnatural interruption to God’s intelligent plan for human beings.

    Further disruption to natureʻs intended safe function of our bodies, is that properly tight fitting masks, that is when there is no entry or exit (spread) of virus, but also means suffocative, ineffective, intake of air through ones nose while wearing the mask.

    As a result, people subconsciously, or unintended, resort to breathing through their mouth. Mouth Breathers!

    Mouth breathing is intended only when there is a great lack of oxygen entering the body. This naturally occurs without even thinking about it after some degree of exhaustive effort, for example, after a long foot race, rapidly climbing a long steep hill, an effort of emergency, paddling a long canoe race, paddling out on a 20’ day and there is no channel to get out, or after being held under repeatedly on a 12 wave set on a 20’ day, climbing up 3 flights of stairs for an elderly or an out of shape person carrying groceries. Deep mouth breathing is required for adequate

    For any of those reasons, and so many other examples, you better hope you can gasp for huge air by mouth breathing to keep you from passing out or dying.

    But you wouldn’t want mouth breathing to occur long term or certainly day after day as many workers are subject to tortuous wearing of masks all day.

    Why? Because mouth breathing keeps people from normal nose breathing. And nose breathing is normal and intended for our bodies by our creator. Nose breathing satisfies several breathing requirements.

    Since it is evident that mouth breathing occurs when a person is being deprived of oxygen, that means that there is lack of the necessary amount of oxygen in the blood, and your body’s vital and other organs and body systems are deprived of oxygen.

    Organs not receiving the proper amount of oxygen undergo accelerated degeneration to those organs and allows the progression of diseases.

    Normal nose breathing privides many necessary benefits, a few of which are warming the air in cold times, before the air enters the lungs and into the blood stream. Remember virus thrive in cold temperatures and is why flu and colds occur mostly when it is cold, or even if you are in a draft.

    The nose has many internal cilia hairs to collect impurities in the air to prevent them entering your delicate lungs.

    As well, the nose has turbinate twisted formations that spin the air which causes centrifugul forces that steer inhaled impurities in the air to the protective hairs embedded in the walls deep inside the nose.

    The nose and its unique unseen internal structures not only warm and cool the air we breathe as needed, but also hydrates, or adds moisture to the air we breathe if needed.

    The inside of the nose has a thin layering allowing our blood to be very near the internal nasal surfaces. This allows our Immune Systemʻs defensive cells to me near and ready to protect us from disease causing things that we may breathe. Our immune system is alert and on duty to easily protect us.

    Just one type of those cells passing through the nasal ares are the Antibodies that protect us from disease causing virus and bacteriá such as the Covid virus.

    In addition the nose is blessed with the only part of the Central Nervous System exposed to what is actually outside the body, which is the Olfactory Bulb located up in back of the nose, and is what we smell things with.

    Some smells are a beautiful fragrance, like aromas of some flowers and some foods; while some other smells are terrible to dangerous. The Nervous Systemʻs olfactory bulb in the nose letʻs us enjoy the good aromas, and warns us of bad to dangerous chemicals that we can smell. The olfactory system is well connected to the memory center of our brain. Aromas and smells can bring on good and bad memories.

    Our nose and its portion of our vast immune system is thousands of times more capable of protecting us from leaky masks, leaking virus around the mask perimeter, but alao leaking virus through the mask marerial ifself, or its tendency for virus to accumulate in and on the mask material itself for later infection of the mask wearer.

    We have recently been informed, or for many on island, scared really, that 4 more people have Covid virus, when in fact it us more like 400 new people have been infected, and they have none or only mild symptoms, none of them hospitalyzed, and well on their way of their 2week journey to immunity and non-contagion, resulting in their being a part of Herd Immunity.

    It is becoming that with the vaccines, including the fake vaccines like Pfizer, etc., that their side effects may be contagious to those who have confidence in their own immune system, as they have every reason to be confident, and are not accepting the vaccines as some kind of Blind Faith in the vaccine as some Holy Grail.

    The ingredients of the various vaccines, some of the vaccines are already pulled from public use, the ingredients have nothing to do with eliminating virus, nor making people immune or non contagious, thus unable to be herd immune. Why bother with the vaccines that have produced more billionaires, or made some even richer.

    There is so much to know about our bodies, and so little tíme, but what what was the reason in the first place that the authorities on education and health left out the Human Body education when there is 12 years of minimum schooling to spread out thorough training to learn about and protect our most important possession, our bodies.

    Maybe Disease Care people who primarily sell toxic and carcinogenic prescription drugs, feel that if Health is predominant in the population they would not be able to sell prescription drugs to the 80% of the public who take those drugs every day.

    Get educated and protect yourself from medications and prescription drug abuse.

    Perhaps this information has provided some education, please protect yourself.

  10. JB June 13, 2021 1:49 pm Reply

    Considering your interest in the hard data… I’d like you provide you with a direct quote from the man who has almost single handedly guided the United States, and truthfully, the world, through this pandemic the last year or so:

    “The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out the virus, which is small enough to pass through the material.”
    -Dr. Anthony Fauci

    He’s referring to the paper surgical masks many people wear and believe to be highly effective.

    This quote was from a February 2020 email released via a FOIA request recently (thank God we live in a free country, where we’re allowed access to these things). So, I’m eager to hear your thoughts considering this piece of information. Is he wrong? Since this email was written in February 2020 (early in the pandemic), was he operating under the impression that the virus was of a larger size than it truly is?… if so, I’d be interested in seeing that data because I haven’t been able to find it.

    Also, is it possible Texas has more cases because it’s far more open than California is at present moment?

    One more thing, currently looking at the data from the Texas Department of Health and Human Services and it shows a current 7-Day Average Case Count of about 875.
    Link Below:
    Where exactly are you receiving your information from?

    According to the same Texas HHS statistics, since Governor Abbott of Texas rescinded the mask mandate in very early March there has been a consistent and steady decline in cases (from about 4.3k 7-Day Average to the current about 875 Average).

    Maybe, just maybe, people are smart enough to make their own health decisions.

  11. Hirondelle June 14, 2021 11:57 am Reply

    Anyone who believes masks are not effective–or even helpful–in keeping out germs, viruses, droplets should try to find a surgeon to remove his or her appendix or perform bypass surgery without one. Looking forward to that first sneeze into a chest cavity?

  12. therealhawaiian June 14, 2021 12:00 pm Reply

    The entire Covid 19 hoax was a scam to bring down Trump who was flying high with the best Economic and Social indicators of any President in our lifetimes. Fake impeachment ploys didn’t work. New York and liberal idiot organizations suing and incarcerating the Presidents associates/friends didn’t work. The only thing left was to destroy the economy quickly, and cheat. It finally worked! For a while. I had the virus over 18 months ago and a doctor told me I am now better protected than those taking the vaccine. That’s what should have happened to everyone. The world would be much better off today and natural immunity would have occurred long ago. So keep wearing your useless masks and be afraid for your life (only those of us with other life threatening conditions or who are over 70 should actually be concerned). You’re afraid of something I’ve actually had with a much better outcome than some of the other flu’s and the pneumonia I had many years ago.

  13. Hirondelle June 15, 2021 3:56 am Reply

    How lucky you are to have had a mild case; and how foolish to assume your experience is the same for everyone. How lucky you are that no friend or loved one died of this illness or, apparently, to have no one in your circle who has become a “long hauler”. You are fortunate that your conspiracy theories have not had to be tested by the stark realities facing millions in the US and around the world. May they be a comfort if you ever have to join the ranks of the bereaved or afflicted.

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