Letters for Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Reducing traffic creates a better experience

The argument against the visitor fee for parking made sense with respect to policing it, the cost of hiring someone to handle it, etc. Issuing it alone presents issues. But we do need to make it more expensive for visitors and not aim for the “bottom” feeder, low-end, bargain shoppers. If Walt Disney can do it, so can we. A few years back, Disney raised its entrance fees in order to reduce the number of people attending. It was deliberate to make a better experience for those who do attend.

We need to reduce the number of people who come here. We cannot just return to the way it was pre-pandemic: roads congested, beaches congested, and reduced consumer spending. And we know we need to make the experience better.

Having a parking fee is one way we can do that. A “sticker” or card to hang from the rear-view mirror could be purchased via the car-rental agencies. Add on another $10/day — or whatever — to the cost of renting a car. It IS the traffic that seems to be the grating edge for most of us. Residents could obtain a similar sticker with DMV registration — free of course. This would be easy to spot, and (require) occasional surveillance by the police or others for compliance.

How we go about educating tourists on topics such as why sunscreen is bad for the reefs, or why “aloha” is a culture and not just a way to say “hello” and “goodbye,” that’s a separate issue.

Let’s start with reducing cars on the road and cars at the beaches, and create a better experience for all even if it costs more.

Cheryl Ann Farrell, Koloa

Pandemic Pop Quiz #6

I am going to be good from now on and

1. Completely trust everything the mainstream media says.

2. Completely trust in vaccinations (even though there are reports of Bell’s Palsy as a side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine.)

3. Completely stop making fun of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

4. Completely trust the CDC.

5. All of the above.

6. None of the above.

When Dr. Anthony Fauci is in training

1. His thighs measure 28.5”.

2. His calves measure 20”.

3. His chest measures 57”.

4. Wait a minute! These are Arnold’s measurements in training! You said you were going to stop making fun of Dr. Fauci.

These two movies are like vaccinations because

1. “Rosemary’s Baby” is about Rosemary giving birth to the devil’s child.

2. “The Fly” is about a man morphing into a big fly after being bitten.

3. The COVID-19 vaccine is a dandy thing and millions of terrified people are lining up for it.

4. Wait a minute! You said you were going to be good and now look at what you are saying about vaccines.

The best meal you could eat for your immune system is

1. Prime rib, baked potato loaded with butter, bacon bits, sour cream, chives. Scallops in butter sauce. Chocolate mousse for dessert. Guilty yum.

2. Organic blueberry smoothie. Yum.

3. Coffee and sticky bun. Guilty yum.

4. Salad with kale, seaweed, shredded cabbage. Baked squash. Yum-ish.

5. Brown rice with tempeh and sea vegetables. Gak.

6. Diet is an individual matter. What is optimal for one person may not be optimal for another.

7. I am not going to answer any trick questions about diet.

Freemasons with borderline personality disorder

1. Control everything in secret, even the pandemic.

2. Have a secret club at Yale University.

3. Actually Facebook, Google, and Twitter control everything.

4. I thought you were going to be good and not float these wild ideas.

5. Ack.

Here are the correct answers: Up to you. I am taking the Fifth.

Molly Jones, Kealia

  1. I saw a Vampire once January 6, 2021 1:11 am Reply

    When will this COVID-19 be over? I don’t know. The interesting part is the vaccine Moderna may or may not work. I would not work on the rail even if they paid me big time money. I could die years later from a sudden mishap. Why? I forgot something important on the project. They take pride in their work. Hey, at least things are beginning to look pretty good. The economy is opening up and waiting for more tourist to fill in the areas. Buy more stuffs on Kaua’i. It will probably be the same for 2021. Wear your face mask every time. And stay 6 ft. apart. What else? Wash your hands always with soap and water and use hand sanitizers from Wal-Mart. That is about all I can say about protecting yourself from COVID-19.

  2. USAF Brat January 6, 2021 6:40 am Reply

    Mahalo Molly Jones! Sing it Molly! Every one of the numerations is On-point and there are so many more that i would add to the word salad, but then again, i am not privy to have my comments or writings published unless i write between the lines as you have! You are paying attention to “detail” and know, like many thousands if not millions of us, the truth. In truth we prevail, otherwise plan on having to patiently await courting for those that were set-up to fail, when there is a throw net of weights hiding amongst those edible seaweeds that are delivered daily to cut bait, mandated to listen to science jargon instead of Doctorate-types and when in doubt 3-plead the fifth amendment, so as to confuse who, retroactively got us into this mess. i refer to these as Kingpin sleuths. So obvious, in our faces, yet your letter will be criticized and propegators will insist that you seek psychiatric intervention! NPD is alive and now, finally, we have “lift-off” which includes the chariot of the Gods, Ezekiel from the bible with terminology brought up to date, identifying reality. USAFSF and the brat offsprings, haumana, that engages at the utube university, allowing us to receive a pHd that includes the truth, the whole retroactive truth and that has never been found in our judiciopoliticomilitary popo departments that have been breaking the backs of good peoples for 128-years and since 1959 faked it, then stole, sold or destroyed the Kingdom that is continuing to be hoodwinked by those same Fauci, Pilaussi, obum, big mike, son of Biden, sell-out kauaians that offer casino “fentanyl CCP fixes”, plead the fifth, get away with murder, rape, money laundering, manipulations, crimiality, corruption, collusion, and especially the cult managers, or those other hierarchy that are still free to roam, but active in cesspool deep state connected, associated with the stolen mailbox fraudulators.

  3. Rampartview January 6, 2021 7:33 am Reply

    I really don’t think that you have a big problem with people flocking back to your Island. The attitude that has been expressed has completely turned most people off toward your Island. Why would you want to preach about Aloha Cheryl Ann. We know that it is more than hello and good bye but it does not seem like you have any knowledge of an Aloha Spirit at all. From a couple that was married on the Island almost 11 years ago and was privileged to spend our anniversary there every year until 2020, we will not be back. We will miss the good friends that we have on the Island but we will not embarrass you by casting our shadow anywhere close to you.

    Instead we find welcoming attitude on other Islands. Can I say the Aloha Spirit!

    We will work to add tax to people from Kauai when you visit Las Vegas or Arizona. I think that we should welcome people from Hawaii unless you come from Kauai. We will add a $25 per day parking fee to your car rental. If you want to go to the Grand Canyon we can charge just the people from Kauai $50 to get in . When your plane lands we will indeed place you in a mandatory quarantine for 18 days. You will have to pay for the room that you stay in…there will be a daily fee of $40 for raw food and we will charge you $300 to monitor you for those 18 days. Then when and if you get out of the quarantine we will charge you $20 per day to increase your cost for being here so that you will not come.

    Sound ridiculous? Well that is as hateful as you all sound to those of us that have enjoyed our Island in the past. And Cheryl Ann…all fees will be doubled doubled for you !

    1. Doug January 6, 2021 2:03 pm Reply

      No great loss, you are the bottom feeders Cheryl Ann refers to in her “spot on” letter.

  4. Candace McCallum January 6, 2021 7:39 am Reply

    Please stop posting the same letters from Molly Jones. As humorous as she may think she is, this is a waste of space for someone who may have a good point to make about something pertaining to our island.

  5. Paulo January 6, 2021 9:15 am Reply

    Ms Farrell, I completely agree with you on charging visitors for beach parking and doing it with some sort of placard listing the days they paid for. And charging the $10 fee per day when renting the car.

  6. LTEreader January 6, 2021 9:51 am Reply

    I’m going to stop rolling my eyes when I see a Pop Quiz from Molly Jones:

    1. When pigs fly.
    2. When the cow stops jumping over the moon.
    3. When the itsy bitsy spider quits crawling up the water spout.
    4. When the wheels on the bus stop going round and round.
    5. When the little lamb stays home instead of following Mary.
    6. When Jack & Jill stop climbing that hill.
    7. When Humpty Dumpty gets put back together.
    8. When Old MacDonald sells his farm.
    9. When Little Bo Peep finds all of her sheep.
    10. When the Old Woman Who Lives In A Shoe quits breeding.

    1. james January 7, 2021 6:31 am Reply

      Or, when she actually writes something funny.

  7. Ted DeMarce January 6, 2021 9:51 am Reply

    Cheryl Ann,, I have been a tourist since 1962, and I agree with you,, we would not mind paying more for less people, We do not want to see Kauai become a Oahu, or Maui.
    Kauai is special, being that its people are true Aloha people, As an ol 82 year old guy and his sweet thing we will come again when the virus is gone. thank you,
    Ted & Mary -Wenatchee,WA.

    1. Doug January 6, 2021 2:05 pm Reply

      Mahalo Ted and Mary. You guys get it. Aloha

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