Letters for Tuesday, March 28, 2017

• Paddlers learning valuable lessons from county watermen • Those behind dairy need to be held accountable

Paddlers learning valuable lessons from county watermen

Kauai county water safety and fire department come to the rescue once again. Sixty young paddlers ages 8 to 13 learned CPR and water safety training at Pu‘uwai Canoe Club’s annual Splash Day, which opens the club’s regatta season.

Some of our youth paddlers have gone through these instructions four or five years in a row now, understanding the first rule is be smart and observant enough not to get into trouble. The second is how to safely help someone.

The wonderful lifeguards, men and women of the Kapaa fire station, provide a foundation of safety-first, practical lifesaving skills and a deep love of the ocean, the land and the people of Kauai.

I particularly would like to express our gratitude to Fire Chief Robert Westerman, OSSO Kalani Vieira, training Lt. Gerald Hurd and rescue operator Kleve Zarbaugh, along with our amazing fireman at the Kapaa station.


Brian R. Curll, Kapaa

Those behind dairy need to be held accountable

The recent rulings on the proposed dairy leave me with more questions than answers. I ask myself, what is lurking in the shadows.

When have we heard from Grove Farm as to why they selected Maha’ulepu as a site for a contaminating dairy? When have we heard from Steve Case, who controls Grove Farm? Why is he hiding from a compromised moral posture when he has a responsibility to be sensitive to the needs of the island of Kauai?

What transpired between Omidyar and Case in selecting the proposed dairy location? Why has no one revealed the disaster in New Zealand as small farms sell out to failing industrial dairies? Rivers have been dammed, waters have been contaminated and the consequences to the landscape have been severe and ignored.

Where is the shortage of milk supply? World sources reflect a surplus of milk with no shortage in Hawaii.

The people of Kauai deserve answers to many questions but these should only be forthcoming from Case or Omidyar, not the hacks at the Hawaii Dairy Farm or the paid sycophants at Grove Farm.

The time has come for transparency. This island can not be a play thing for multi-billionaires without an outcry from the people.

Responsible politicians have failed us. Vote them out. The Department of Health turns away from facts that cry out for no dairy at Maha’ulepu. Who controls them? Demand accountability.

There are 140,000 pounds of manure projected at the dairy. One cubic foot of manure weighs 50 pounds. A tower of manure one foot by one foot piled up would extend over one half mile into the sky each and every day of the year!

I plead with elected officials to seriously review their positions. There is nothing wrong with honestly representing your constituency’s position even if it is contrary to what you previously believed.

The issue of the diary at Maha’ulepu should be done. Judge Valenciano has said as much.

The issue of the social conscience of manipulative billionaires is not being addressed. Not until the residents of Kauai consider their role in the future of our treasured island can we afford to be silent.

Monroe Richman, M.D., Koloa


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