Letters for Wednesday, March 29, 2017

• More parking for visitors, please • ‘Radical’ terrorists a threat to US

More parking for visitors, please

My husband and I are “snowbirds,” visitors who have been coming back to Kauai for 40 years. Last year, we wrote to TGI commending the “aloha spirit” alive and well on Kauai, found in a couple young fellas who helped pull our rental car out of deep sand on a dirt road south of Anahola Bay.

This year, we must write of our worries about the impossible parking situation at Ke‘e Beach. There isn’t nearly enough! Visitors to Kauai spend thousands of dollars each of hard-earned money to vacation on this beautiful island; they want to experience all the special places they’ve read about. They do take good care of the unique trails and beaches, leave no litter. Why can’t the island provide more parking spaces for its many visitors at Ke‘e Beach?

A Wainiha Valley friend recently told us that people living along the road don’t like the traffic. They want to see fewer visitors to the North Shore. This is understandable, but it is actually an unreasonable position. The economy of the island depends on tourism. The state of Hawaii actually continues to “market” the islands to the nation and to the world, gladly taking in the tourist dollars and taxes that provide many of the island’s jobs, services and road improvements enjoyed by island residents.

There is plenty of room under the ironwood trees! I’m sure fencing and driveways could be built to protect the trees. A suggestion has even been made to provide buses to and from Hanalei for visitors to the beach and the Kalalau trailhead. Right now, you islanders are doing your visitors a great disservice by highly restricting them from seeing Ke‘e Beach, the Napali shoreline, and the Kalalau Trail. Provide more parking spaces at the north end of the road; don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

Concerned longtime visitors,

Bonnie Manion, Hoopeston, Ill.

‘Radical’ terrorists a threat to US

In response to Tom Southwick’s Tuesday, March 21 editorial, “Terrorism carried out by many,” Tom is right and I was wrong in the March 18 edition of TGI when I asked, “Can you think of any terrorist attack against the United States that’s been orchestrated by someone who wasn’t Muslim?” meaning radical Islamic extremists. Evidently he could think of others like the Oklahoma bombing of a federal building, which was definitely an attack against our government, which predates 9-11.

I disagree, however, with the notion that everyone who takes up a gun and kills people, is committing terrorist acts against the US government. Sandy Hook, Columbine, Wisconsin Sikh Temple, Charleston Church and many others are simply horrific and terrifying crimes. Examples of mass murder. They are not directed against our government.

I believe I clarified during the interview that what I meant when I said Muslims was radical Islamic extremists. I should have said radical Islamic extremists rather than using the word Muslim.

Once again, the threat from abroad and now, here at home, is a most clear and present danger to all of us who live in this great country. So-called “self radicalization,” or “lone wolfs,” must be dealt with swiftly and severely in order to combat, what I believe, will be a never ending war against the U.S. government, American citizens, western values and those who hold their personal freedoms dear, which are guaranteed in our U.S. Constitution. Tom, you’re a stand-up guy. Thanks for your response which allowed me to clarify what I said and meant in the March 18 TGI article.

Steve Yoder, Kauai GOP County Chair


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