Letters for Monday, March 27, 2017

• Budget didn’t address homeless • Trump is hurting the seniors, helping the wealthy • Mayor shouldn’t be leading the prayer luncheon

Budget didn’t address homeless

Aloha, my street ohana. Two disconcerting issues to relay.

First, the recent article regarding the mayor’s budgetary increases, “$204 million for operating budget and $14.3 million for capital improvement for 2017-18.”

Sixty-five percent or $132 million to employee salaries and benefits. Then road repairs and improving beach parking lots. All fine and dandy, but no mention of any funds going to social services, agencies or to address the low income or homeless.

Next, after a great discussion with a KPD officer, it has come to light that many businesses are suffering from mounting feces on their property. It is a shame that many deface, disregard and disrespect these businesses. Three things are happening: defacing, disrespecting and ruining possible placement at night for the rest of us homeless.

I have been subjected to many new security guards who can be rude. One can’t even sit to read the paper at times. This morning, I wet my washcloth at the YWCA to just wash my face and said good morning to the guard and I was threatened with arrest.

So please, street ohanas, curb your rudeness and habits and keep our businesses clean. There are always places to go like the port-a-potties, gas stations and businesses that are open. Stop and be respectful. Stop ruining it for the rest of us homeless.

Mark Segreti, Lihue

Trump is hurting the seniors, helping the wealthy

Alan Grayson foretold the future. The Trump/Republican plan for healthcare is confirmed, “If you get sick, die quickly.”

The Trump budget slashes funds for Meals on Wheels. The Trump/Republican plan for senior citizens, “If you are starving in your home, just die.”

The Trump/Republican plan concentrates America’s wealth in even fewer hands that will own everything. If you do not have a house now, how will you build one on land owned by those Republicans who control that wealth?

Republicans don’t want you to spoil their view. Go away and die. Trump wants to abolish the Alternative Minimum Tax, which would cut his 2005 income tax from $38 million to $7 million. His effective tax rate would drop from 25 percent to 4.5 percent.

Who, among the “rest of us,” pays such a small percentage? The Republican plan for America is clear, if you aren’t rich — die.

John Zwiebel, Kalaheo

Mayor shouldn’t be leading the prayer luncheon

If the Mayor’s Prayer Luncheon is a purely Christian event, then the mayor’s titular “ownership” of the event is inappropriate.

It amounts to an elected personage holding up a single religion as the mayoral — and therefore officially recognized —religion in the county, impermissible under the Constitution.

Perhaps there should be a Christian Aloha Prayer Luncheon and the mayor can attend in his capacity as a believer.

Suzan Brooks, Lihue


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