Letters for Sunday, July 14, 2013

It is who you knowInteresting timesDisgusted by remarksMahalo to the lifeguardsFix pukas on highway

It is who you know

Aue to Roland Sagum and Judge Kathleen Watanabe for giving him 200 community service hours with The Royal Order of Kamehameha to do what?

Make what pono? If it was you or me we wouldn’t have such a privilege!

Judge Watanabe should order Roland to work his community service hours at the court house like everyone else. How disgraceful! It is who you know.

Kawehi Martin


Interesting times

Monday, I was at the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge. The day was incredibly beautiful. The water was deep blue, tapering to turquoise near the cliffs. The newly-restored lighthouse towered above, gleaming in the sun. As the crowd looked out from the back fence, the tropic birds and red-footed boobies flew at eye level just a few feet away, dipping out of sight below the cliff, then quickly rising on the wind. The huge black frigate birds glided above our heads, so low you could see their shadows advancing over the grass.

I was standing close to a family taking in the experience. I overheard a little girl exclaim “Wow, mommy, this is just like a 3-D movie.” We, indeed, live in interesting times.  

Bob Waid


Disgusted by remarks

First of all, I’d like to commend the Kauai Police and Fire departments for their part in ensuring that Kytin Sukehira experienced one of the most AWESOME days of his life.

We witnessed their professionalism, compassion, excitement and determination to work together to make Kytin’s wish to be a police officer a reality for one day.

When they thanked us for allowing them to be part of Kytin’s wish we were so humbled. Dennis Fujimoto wrote an excellent article with wonderful pictures.

But there are always haters who have nothing nice to say. I am so, so offended by the derogatory remarks made by Doug Clark about my grandson’s pictures in The Garden Island on July 7.

When he is posing with his toy gun he is in character as part of the team.

Millions of children who have played with guns are well-adjusted, law-abiding citizens today.

Kytin has a huge ohana who have hundreds of friends who love and support him unconditionally, toy guns and all.

Stacie Victorino


Mahalo to the lifeguards

The lifeguards at Poipu Beach do outstanding work. I have been on the island for the last 11 days, frequently at Poipu Beach and have witnessed their actions in keeping a careful watch on the always crowded beach.

Excitement at seeing your beautiful beach with spectacular fish and sea life can sometimes make visitors act without thinking of consequences.

Allowing people to have fun but gently prodding them to not do foolish things is not an easy task.

If, despite adequate signage and other media efforts do not prevent visitors from venturing out into the unguarded dangerous beach in front of the Waiohai, then, perhaps, the only solution is to place a guard over that area.

Our family has been so fortunate to have visited over the past 10 years and have always found the lifeguards to be friendly, informative and generally all around good guys.

Makes me only want to go to beaches manned by lifeguards.

Keith Muramoto

Forestville, Calif.

Fix pukas on highway

Kuhio Highway, really? It’s more like “puka” highway. Do you think our leaders have noticed all the pukas, from Hilo Hattie to the Lihue Plantation Bridge?

Maybe they use Kapule Highway so as not to damage their tires.

I know it takes a toll on my car and the rest of the people that do their business in the main part of town.

Mr. Mayor, Department of Transportation, state highway division and whoever else is responsible to fix and patch these pukas, please do so.

And again, the Kilauea Gym debacle, outside evaluation was done and paid for but still no repairs after 18 years and counting.

Don’t tell me we don’t have qualified roofing contractors on our island. What a shame. Procrastination at its best.

Jerry Kailoa



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