School days formula: C+D=LLL to infinity

As a P.S. (pre- instead of post-script), Dear Readers, thanks to fans who responded to the Aug. 17 “Green Flash” about my two “uglies,” in particular, the ulu, breadfruit. Keith, Terri and Jim were all affirming, and other TGI readers met while out and about.

‘Honey Expose’ lacked scientific credibility

After reading Jessica Else’s “Honey Expose” in The Garden Island on Aug. 6, I am disappointed that you omitted the most salient details. Even more so, I am appalled that the editor of The Garden Island has published this substandard piece of reporting. A conclusion without supporting evidence is more than worthless. In this era of deception, you are sliding your way into “fake news.”

Get involved and don’t count on government

I enjoyed my friend Gary Hooser’s editorial attempt to define the U.S. political spectrum in The Garden Island the other day. I also enjoyed the annoyed responses. One of the rules of communication and general semantics is that everyone needs to agree what a word means.

Congratulations to Jeff Sacchini and his dedicated crew

Go with us on a little trip back in time. A man named Jeff Sacchini was out running from his home toward Mahaulepu. It was then, in 2007, as he admired the view on a glorious, sunrise morning, one he would never forget, he had a thought. We’ll let him tell it: