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Breaking News

Water conditions better

Despite the odor of cow manure and the brown water advisory currently cast over Kauai, surfers were taking on the waves in Hanalei Bay on Monday.

2018 Coffee Competition coming to Kauai

Coffee. The roasted bean juice fills the veins of international trade and supports the livelihoods of some 25 million families in the more than 50 countries where it’s grown worldwide.

Big waves on the way

An incoming swell is throwing a wrench into relief efforts on the North Shore more than a week after record-breaking rains caused devastating flooding and landslides that have trapped people in Wainiha and Haena.

Fighting infections

“Keeping small problems small” has been the theme at the Hanalei Colony Resort medical clinic, according to Dr. James Ireland, Oahu physician who volunteered at the clinic Sunday.

Permaculture for the future

Kauai has a chance to rebuild better, more sustainable systems after monumental rains have flooded the island and destroyed homes and property, according to Efellie Laing.

Needs are great, so is response

Those stranded on the North Shore have put out wish lists asking for their necessities through Malama Kauai, just one of the many organizations that have rushed to help.

Coming storm should pass faster, says NWS

The storm that’s set to hit Kauai today shouldn’t bring as much rain as the last one. Derek Wroe, lead forecaster with the National Weather Service, said though there shouldn’t be as much rain, there’s still a chance for flooding.