KIUC plans changes to Wailua River diversions

Water is going to be returned to the North Fork of the Wailua River, at the Blue Hole and Waikoko diversions. The Kauai Island Utility Cooperative board on Tuesday authorized KIUC President David Bissell to make changes to the ditch system to return water downstream from the diversions.

Whole lotta Hart

Kailani Hart was doing yoga with her mother when she was still in the womb and on her 10th birthday, the Hanalei girl became the youngest person in the United States to be a certified vinyasa yoga teacher.

Dawn of digital dollars

One Kauai property is opening up its sale to digital currencies in the midst of a rapidly changing cryptoasset market that many are still trying to understand.

Pesticides remain key concern

The state of the Good Neighbor Program, pesticide prevalence in ground and surface waters, and research into the connection between pesticides and birth defects were all on the tableMonday.

Lessons in gift-giving

Kids will have presents under their trees this Christmas and a puppy has a forever home, thanks to a big-hearted kindergarten class in Eleele.

Help document coastal changes

The December King Tides have come and gone, but there will bre more, which means residents and visitors can help chronicle what the tides do to Hawaii and Kauai shorelines.

North Shore Preserve

The North Shore Preserve was introduced on Wednesday afternoon by developers The Resort Group LLC and East West Partners — a 1,000 acre preserve that would include 75 oceanside, multi-acre homesites on about 650 of those acres.

Studying the shark cafe

ReefGuardians is expanding to California, and has established an important collaboration with the California State University at Long Beach Shark Lab.