Malama Kauai to host tree propagation

KALIHIWAI — Malama Kauai is gearing up to move off of the eight acers that currently house the Kalihiwai Community Farm, but before they do, they’re hoping to spread a little love around the island in the form of tree propagation.

Killing two birds with one tree

The state has launched an online directory of players in the Hawaii wood and lumber industry, with the goals of connecting businesses involved with forest products and providing transparency in the industry.

More rapid ohia death found here

LIHUE — Ohia trees in two more locations on Kauai have tested positive for the fungus that causes rapid ohia death, and the state is asking everyone to practice bio-sanitation in order to help stop the spread.

Hirono drops by Kauai High pantry

LIHUE — Music sounded through the campus of Kauai High School Thursday, signaling the end of the teaching day and the opening of the school’s food pantry for the third time.

Joshua lives on

A tragic moment in 2018 took the life of Joshua Bradbury, but it also forged connections across oceans and turned strangers into friends.

Horse removed from beach

ALIOMANU — A horse carcass has been removed from the shoreline at Aliomanu, thanks to a little lime from County of Kauai and workers hired by locals.

New rules for vaccines

LIHUE — Hawaii has updated its rules for public school immunizations, adding to the list of requirements HPV and Hepatitis A vaccines for seventh graders.

Bleaching event threatens coral

LIHUE — While entities are calling for help monitoring Hawaii’s corals in the face of an anticipated heat wave and major bleaching event, some Kauai divers and ocean users say they’re already seeing diseased coral.

All things coffee

This tour lets you get your hands in the dirt, wander among coffee trees and look for green sea turtles along the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean.

Shark sightings raise worries

HAENA — Some Kauai residents say injured, invasive tilapia could be bringing sharks closer to shore during a season traditionally known for frequent shark sightings.

Herbicide ban at schools

LIHUE — Kauai schools are working to end herbicide use on campuses after the state Department of Education announced a ban of herbicides at public schools.

Chasing nene away

LIHUE — Take a walk through the 450-acre Timbers at Hokuala property and you’ll notice something’s changed over the past few months.

Kauai Coffee certified non-GMO

Harvesters are getting tuned up and coffee cherries are transitioning from green to yellow and red as Kauai Coffee Company’s busiest season of the year approaches.

Corpse flower blooms

Friday afternoon, Janmarie Jouflas was driving out of the Princeville Botanical Gardens on an errand when she noticed “something different” about what is known as a corpse flower.

Talk Story: Chantell Balaan

Chantell Balaan is on a mission to understand how the gut microbiome affects brain function and human behavior, particularly in people with autism spectrum disorder.