Prevent the spread

Even before Kauai’s native ohia trees started showing signs of the fungus that causes rapid ohia death, biosantitation was already top of mind for many throughout Hawaii.

Cali to outlaw chlorpyrifos

California followed in Hawaii’s footsteps on Wednesday in moving to ban the pesticide chlorpyrifos, used to combat insects on more than 60 different crops in the state.

Kekaha fish kill

KEKAHA — State officials are saying an algae bloom killed hundreds of fish in a drainage canal between Waimea and Kekaha during the first week of May.

Living by the ‘Golden Rule’

SAN DIEGO — Kauai sailor Connie Burton made history on Wednesday aboard a 34-foot sailing boat named Golden Rule bound for Hilo.

Preserving plants and animals

Three little plants cling to the edge of a cliff in Kalalau Valley. They’re the only left of their species, thought to be extinct in 2016, and were discovered in January by scientists with the National Tropical Botanical Garden.

Food, games, family

Ezekiel Tuers made it to the top of the climbing wall for the first time Friday night at the St. Catherine School annual carnival.