Kauai’s Fuller, Foster safely into Round 3 at Sunset Open

The first Qualifying Series contest on the Hawaii surf season is off to a quick start on Oahu. The Sunset Open is just a QS 1,000 contest, but the competitors include some of the state’s best. Any event at Sunset Beach has more prestige attached to it than just points or prize money, so a lot of familiar faces still around during the North Shore winter season are in the field.

Fast start for ‘Bows with conference play afoot

Things have gone about as well as Eran Ganot could have hoped through the team’s first four conference games. The University of Hawaii got a split on their opening road trip and then picked up a pair of home wins last week to start the Big West season with a 3-1 record.

McGill earns World Junior Championship; Macedo takes 2nd

First off, I’d like to say that I’m glad Saturday morning’s “mishap” was just that. Hopefully nobody was hurt or panicked too severely, but I know I was ill-prepared had it been a real situation. But thankfully it was just a false alarm or human error or whatever the official explanation ends up being, so we can go back to discussing things far less important.

Tua’s heroics cement him within Alabama lore

Some time during the second quarter, a friend looked at me and asked “Do you think Tua will be the starter next season?” Alabama was trailing Georgia, 6-0, in what had started off as a pretty boring College Football Playoff Championship. My response was basically the grimacing face emoji and an “Eh, maybe two years from now.”

Day 2 of Wild Card weekend looks bright for home teams

The Wild Card round is sort of a mixed bag. It can occasionally be good for some historic upsets — think Seahawks overSaints in 2011, featuring Marshawn Lynch’s legendary Beast Mode touchdown run. However, it’s also prone to mismatches with teams that may have very recently been in the mix for a top seed hosting teams that just barely scraped into the postseason on the final day.

How to ruin a clean slate: 2018 predictions

Throughout my life, I’ve tried to remind myself to always expect the unexpected. The world has a way of continuing to shock us on a daily basis, even when we think we’ve seen it all. I mean, just look at the executive branch of our government for proof.

A look back at the look ahead: Grading 2017 predictions

I like to be held accountable for my actions. Well, within reason. Let’s not go crazy, here. But if I make a prediction of somesort, I don’t want it to just float off into the ether. I’ll take the flak for any misguided prognostications. I made some predictions on Jan. 1, so now that we’ve reached the 2017 calendar’s final inch of real estate, let’s see howthose panned out.

John John cruises to 2nd straight world crown

“It’s even harder to stay at the top in sports than it is to get there.” That quote was attributed to Babe Didrikson Zaharias in the early 20th century and has remained true for decades. Winning one championship is difficult, but maintaining that excellence with everyone giving chase becomes even more demanding.