Forecast shows today as best chance for Teahupoo finish

Today appears to be finals day and despite the forecast showing fairly minimal surf, the alternatives look less promising. So the eight remaining competitors will be battling it out for the Tahiti Pro Teahupoo title. While all the participants have quite a bit to gain from the outcome, a few certainly have more than others.

Upsets roll through at unpredictable Teahupoo

Two days and two rounds are complete with some major upsets having already occurred at the Tahiti Pro Teahupoo. The ocean went flat Tuesday and a second straight lay day is likely today, but a new swell could pick up Thursday, according to Surfline projections.

Slater pulls out of Teahupoo, potential start today

The best Teahupoo sessions may already be behind us because the forecast isn’t looking as promising as many of us would hope. Lay days were called during the first two days of the Tahiti Pro Teahupoo, but the first round could get underway today as a new swell moves in this afternoon, according to the latest Surfline projections.

Not the first time and (unfortunately) probably not the last

Ugh. He’s doing it again. I have no real desire to write about political figures or issues. I have my own thoughts and opinions, but one of the reasons I’ve loved sports so much for so long is that they allow for vibrant, passionate and thoughtful discussions, while also simply entertaining us. The current political climate couldn’t be described by any of those adjectives and certainly isn’t entertaining, unless maybe you’re a Muscovite.

Great Saturday for Hawaii across US Open spectrum

Seth Moniz can seem to do no wrong. The 20-year-old came into the US Open of Surfing in second place for the season on the Qualifying Series and really needing just one more big result to make himself a sure thing to reach next season’s Championship Tour.

Upsets creating wide open field at US Open of Surfing

Swiftly and succinctly, the US Open of Surfing has progressed into the back end of round two for the men’s QS 10,000 contest. The overriding theme to this point has been upsets, as a lot of big names have fallen by the wayside in the early going, leaving plenty of hopefuls with some easier roads to big results.

UH projected near bottom of Mountain West

There isn’t a ton of faith in the University of Hawaii football program at the moment, at least not in the eyes of the media. At Tuesday’s Mountain West Media Summit in Las Vegas, season predictions were announced with Boise State a unanimous choice to win the Mountain Division and Fresno State a narrow choice to win the West Division.

Do we care about fair play, or just exciting play?

The World Cup concluded Sunday with a final matchup that had a bit of everything. It had some great possession builds — mostly by Croatia, it had some wonderful French strikes from distance, it had a penalty on an unfortunate but correct video review, it had a borderline own goal from each side and it had a couple of protesters who were apparently hoping to send an anti-Kremlin message, which seems to be a rarity these days.