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Letter for Saturday, December 2, 2017

Why is no one fighting the good fight?

I am writing to emphatically endorse the sentiments of the eloquent Mr. Gary Hooser in his recent op-ed pieces regarding pesticide use on Kauai.

I moved to Waimea three and a half years ago. After visiting Kauai in 1999 I was confident this was the island paradise where I wanted to retire. What I have found instead is an island whose leaders seem unconcerned about the poisons in the air and the land making our people ill.

What a tragedy to find that the supposed Garden Island is in fact controlled by Dow and Syngenta and the ocean around us is controlled by the military. Where is the outrage, where is the leadership to demand that chemical companies stop poisoning the land where we grow our crops and the air we all breathe? Why do we allow the military to conduct underwater tests and use equipment that destroys the underwater environment for our sea creatures and coral?

Are politicians here afraid of confronting these industry giants? Is it about the jobs? We could lose all the jobs that Dow and Syngenta provide and let all those folks work for the ever-increasing tourism trade on Kauai.

We could increase the staff levels of our crumbling parks so we’re not embarrassed by their sorry state. In addition, how about a state bill to ban Roundup, still being used by all my neighbors who remain ignorant of its effects.

Many countries around the world have already banned this terrible poison.

Kudos to Mr. Hooser, who often seems like a lone voice of reason on this island, whose politicians seem intent on keeping their heads buried in the sand.

Jane Kinzer, Waimea