Patience needed for Kuhio Highway repairs, opening

It’s been nearly nine months since much of Kuhio Highway on the North Shore of Kauai was destroyed in the April flooding disaster. And to the dismay of many, that key section of vehicle travel remains closed to the general public, and will be for several more months.

Aloha is what binds us together

Our former mayor, Bernard Carvalho Jr., was big on aloha. He preached it. He lived it. He led the county government by it. His trademark, “Aloooooooooha” always opened his remarks. And if you had a chance to spend any time with Carvalho, you knew the aloha was genuine.

Comments welcome, but let’s be respectful

A recent caller to The Garden Island said she was concerned with our online comments on stories, columns and letters to the editor. Many, she said, were too negative. Too critical. Too nasty. And by publishing them, we were spreading negativity and, in a way, encouraging these people to continue such behavior. Why, she asked, do you allow those comments online?

Here’s to high hopes for 2019

Welcome to 2019. With the new year, comes new hope. Hope for a better today. Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope for a better life. Even hope for lower taxes and fewer potholes.

Kauai counting on HTA’s new president

Kauai is having, by all standards, a wonderful year when it comes to tourism. Which, purely based on economic reasons and considering that this island’s economy hinges on tourism, is good news.

Carter B., this one’s for you

When a “Dear Editor” letter from a mainland school arrives at The Garden Island office, it usually ends up in one place: the recycling bin.

Rising suicides, drug use a call to get involved

We all hear the stories of political turmoil in this country. The anger. The hate. The hostility. The intolerance. The narrow-mindedness. All of that should take a backseat to a report that was released today. The suicide death rate last year was the highest it’s been in at least 50 years, according to U.S. government records. There were more than 47,000 suicides, up from a little under 45,000 the year before.

If you can, help overcome homelessness, hunger

The day after Thanksgiving, many people are recovering from a day of eating well. And today, many people will head out to shop, the beginning of the holiday season. It’s a time folks will spend on gifts for others.

County celebrates America Recycles Day today

Reycle. It’s one of the easiest ways we can take care of our environment. Instead of tossing aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic containers, cardboard and paper products into the trash, we can recycle it.

Two powerful words: ‘Thank you’

Thank you. Those two words can go a long ways toward the respect and courtesy that Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr. often refers to and has emphasized in his 10 years leading this island.

COLA for Social Security needed

One million dollars. That’s the often-quoted amount they say you should have to retire and live well. They also say, however, that $1 million isn’t going to be enough. Nope, you need to be a multi-millionaire to retire. You better own your home free and clear and have a million in your retirement account and thousands coming in from your pension. Oh, you better be healthy, too.

Heavy burden weighs down postal service

The Oct. 11 editorial, “Postal service can’t continue on same financial path,” states that the U.S. Postal Service is losing money. This is not quite true. The post office does not use taxpayer money and the taxpayer is not on the hook to pay for the accounting problems that Congress, in 2006, burdened the post office with when it passed HR6407 by voice vote in the House and unanimous consent in the Senate.