Vote yes Nov. 6 for a constitutional convention

Hawaii voters have a rare opportunity this election to take control of their government. Not by selecting the lawmaker a voter thinks will best represent him or her — though there’s always that option, too — but by sidestepping the establishment and diving directly into legislating.

Please, be sure to keep keiki safe in vehicles

Keiki are precious. And when they’re traveling with us in our vehicles, they become precious cargo. That’s why we have to be sure we’re doing all we can to take care of them. That’s especially important on Kauai, with its two-lane highways that have vehicles whizzing past each other at 40 and 50 mph and one mistake can lead to accidents.

Everywhere you go, there you are

Like it or not, our past tends to follow us around. Wherever we go, our past is still out there. It’s hard to hide from it. There are some things we are more than happy to chat about, like recounting the story of a good deed, or perhaps when we won an award or were acknowledged for a great effort.

Congratulations to Jeff Sacchini and his dedicated crew

Go with us on a little trip back in time. A man named Jeff Sacchini was out running from his home toward Mahaulepu. It was then, in 2007, as he admired the view on a glorious, sunrise morning, one he would never forget, he had a thought. We’ll let him tell it:

Newspapers shouldn’t fret over what Trump says about them

A few people asked me if The Garden Island planned to participate in the coordinated effort for newspapers across the country to publish editorials in defense of free press on Thursday. The reason being, to fight back against President Donald Trump’s criticism of the media and his continual use of “fake news” in reaction to stories he believes are wrong, biased and, sometimes, he just doesn’t like.

Mahalo candidates, voters; on to the general election

The primary election is all over but for the shouting. By now, we know who will be moving on to November’s general election. The top two in the mayor’s race, the top 14 in the council race, and candidates for the state Legislature, governor’s office, lieutenant governor’s office and Congress, have all been settled on the sides of Democrats and Republicans and other parties.

Endorsements? Not from TGI — except for one

The other day, a friend was questioning me about whether The Garden Island planned to endorse any candidates for public office. No, I said, we haven’t endorsed candidates since I came here five and a half years ago and we don’t plan to start endorsing any candidates now.