Don’t blame developers for all the delays

Well, it seems hardly anyone is happy with the developers of Coco Palms resort. Complaints are growing that nothing is being done with this property that has stood shuttered and damaged since Hurricane Iniki struck the island in 1992.

B-Rad Foundation standing strong for all

People who do good work don’t always get credit for it, nor do they seek it. There are many unsung volunteers in our midst who quietly and humbly go about serving the community, trying to make this island the best it can be for everyone.

Tragedies a time to stand strong

They say newspapers like bad news because it sells. But let us be the first to say, we would rather not have to report fatal crashes, drownings, a homicide, a fire, a truck crashing into a building, and men with guns outside a school who fled and were tracked down and arrested by police.

Share the excellence of AJA with others

Well, our friend Glenn Mickens is at it again, trying to stir things up by pointing out the Kauai Americans of Japanese Ancestry baseball league allows only certain players based on race.

Consider other options before tax hike

Initial reaction to measures introduced in both the state House and Senate last week to increase gas taxes and other vehicle fees to generate additional money for the State Highway Fund has been negative.

Time for Trump to end shutdown

Something’s got to give. It’s time for President Donald Trump and the Republican Party and the Democratic Party to put an end to this shutdown.

When it comes to road work, stay calm

It is maddening. You’re driving along, listening to music, only a few miles from your destination, when you come upon it. You cringe. You wish you could go another way, but this is the only way. Yes, you are face to face with the dreaded, unexpected roadwork. You wish someone had told you.