Better to be prepared

If you don’t buy tickets before the show, there’s a chance they’ll be sold out at the door. If you don’t put soap in your shopping cart, you could end up with a sink full of dirty dishes. If you don’t charge your phone at night, you could run out of power halfway through the day.

Kicking off the decade with change

Change could very well be the defining descriptor of the year 2020 as we head into the new decade with a Super Bowl that didn’t feature the Patriots, an active Hawaii legislative session, upcoming presidential, state and local elections, and new partnerships in the Kauai community that work toward resiliency and disaster response.

This island is our responsibility

If you take a drive, a walk, a bike ride, around Kauai, you will see amazing natural beauty. Spectacular sunsets, massive mountains and wonderful waves. It is a blessing, for sure.

Join Rotary in the fight against polio

The Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay on Saturday sponsored a mini-golf tournament to raise funds for polio prevention. It raised over $1,000 to help toward the $3.3 billion needed to completely wipe out any signs of it on the planet.