Signs of the times

I am an almost daily user of Ke Ala Hele Makalae. From this path, I’ve watched whales, admired sunsets and sunrises, walked dogs, and stopped to give directions. I’ve met great people, carried out good deeds, gave thanks for the trade winds, waved to lifeguards and enjoyed spectacular runs.

I am good enough!

Health and wellness comes in many forms and one type that is consistently missed is self-care. What I mean by self-care is taking care of your self mentally, physically and emotionally. Finding personal wellness through loving and healing yourself first and foremost is the key. ​

Time-restricted feeding may help diabetes, weight loss

Time-restricted feeding is a type of intermittent fasting in which feeding times are restricted to certain hours of the day. Actually, this should be our natural pattern for eating — eat some food, feel satisfied then stop, get some sleep, rest, work, and repeat.

Flu fight

Looking down the barrel of the 2018-19 flu season, and in the wake of the worst flu season on record, health officials are reminding everyone to get a shot.

Mumps outbreak declared over

The Hawaii Department of Health has declared the end of the statewide mumps outbreak. The outbreak began in March 2017 with two clusters of cases involving nine individuals on Oahu, and climbed steadily to 900 cases within a year. In total, 1,009 people with mumps were identified during the statewide outbreak.

Food plan and prep key to better health

Four hours of preplanned food preparation per week can change your life. OK, so this sounds a little too good or may not even make sense, right? Maybe, but doing a few hours a week to plan, cook and prepare a healthy set of meals can and will be healthier for you than eating poor nutrition choices on the fly.

Up and down, just beautiful

In a recent chat with my friend and recent Ironman World Championship finisher Lisa Ledesma, I learned two things — one good, one bad.