Study shows nearly half of Hawai’i employees working remotely

HONOLULU – According to a report released today by the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT) of Hawai‘i businesses and employees, an estimated 198,224 (42.4%) private sector payroll employees were working remotely as of August 31, 2021, including 20,636 working from out-of-state.

Ke Kumu O Hihinui opens at Grand Hyatt Kaua‘i

PO‘IPU — Associates with the Grand Hyatt Kaua‘i Resort and Spa were among the first to sign up for classes scheduled for Friday at Ke Kumu O Hihinui, the new cultural center located in the Po‘ipu resort.

BBB: Study reveals cryptocurrency scams are on the rise

There’s a lot of buzz around cryptocurrency. The mystery, the thrill, the hype, and maybe above all, the confusion. While many of us have heard of cryptocurrency, many are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of this digital form of currency. It’s unregulated, untraceable and untouchable - it only exists as lines of computer code.

TAX MAN: Once upon a rebate

Once upon a time there was a Governor Dorothy of Hawaii who looked out over her domain and said, “Gee, we’ve got lots of money this year! The economy has come roaring back so we’ve got a big chunk of tax revenue, and we also have a bunch of Federal aid funds.”

TAX MAN: Auditor Persecution Continues

Hi there! This is the Hawaii State Tax Watch Doggie. Today I’m playing a real person who testified before the House Special Investigative Committee. The Committee was supposed to be looking into problems at the Department of Land and Natural Resources because of a less-than-glowing report by the State Auditor. But guess who got slammed by the Committee just as much, if not more? The Auditor.

Timing perfect for Lihu‘e Dental food delivery

NAWILIWILI — When the Lihu‘e Dental group showed up with the results of its in-house food drive, the timing could not have been planned better, Kawai Gampon, the Kaua‘i Independent Food Bank Programs manager, said.