ERSOY: Where to start to improve your health

I often get asked the question “Where should I start if I want to improve my health?”. Everyone will say that you need to take care of your health and protect yourself against any unexpected health conditions. But what specifically can you do?

ERSOY: How can you stick to your New Year goals?

My first reaction for the new year — wow, 2022! And this reminds me how fast time flies. This year I am going to try and take things a little slower and live a little more consciously, in every way. The last of couple of years were especially challenging for everyone, and unfortunately it’s still going on. So how about we start this year with more awareness and consciously make the decision to try and improve every aspect of our life?

ERSOY: Naturally reduce, heal lower back pain

Lower back pain is, unfortunately, a very common health issue. It is also multifactorial, which means that finding the real cause can be very challenging, which of course will also affect and often delay treatment.

ERSOY: Minimizing weight gain during the holidays

Holidays are the most fun and enjoyable times with our families and friends. Especially at Christmas, when most of us are busy buying gifts for everyone, maybe even including ourselves! And we’re also trying hard to finish our work or projects before the new year. One of my favorite parts is trying new recipes and enjoying them with loved ones.

ERSOY: Alternative baking flours this Thanksgiving

Are you looking for an alternative flour for baking? We are losing our seed diversity. Throughout history, we have consumed 6,000 different plant species. Yet now, across the world, we eat only nine, and of those just three (rice, corn and wheat) provide us with 50% of our calorie intake.

ERSOY: How to create a habit and stick to it

We all have something that we want to achieve, maybe short-term or long-term goals. And we have a purpose for doing it. We may even have every resource imaginable that we need for achieving it. However, we still can’t do it or we give up very quickly.

ERSOY: New technologies can improve your health, well-being

Technology is improving every day, we are starting to see so many fitness tracking devices, even ones that track your sleep too. And many of these can actually be really great tools to help you realize how much activity you are doing each day, as well to understand the quality of your sleep.

ERSOY: Tips to become healthier, lose weight

How to become healthier is a very broad question that I actually try to answer in almost all of my columns. However, there are still some habits and tricks that we can add to improve our health.

ERSOY: Are vegetable oils healthy?

You have probably heard that vegetable oils are better and healthier alternatives than butter or coconut oils because they are rich in saturated fat sources. Is this true?

ERSOY: Are you gluten sensitive?

Do you already know that you are sensitive to gluten? Or maybe you have some of the symptoms, such as digestion problems or brain fog, but you didn’t find a specific connection yet? Maybe something that you are consuming could be triggering your health issues.

ERSOY: Strengthen your body to handle disease, Part 4

In the previous article in this series I mentioned supplements, diet, and making positive lifestyle changes such as exercise and the effects that this has on strengthening your body so that you can fight back better against whatever comes. Now let’s talk about natural herbs which are a very powerful tool to heal and protect ourselves.