Stories by Ayda Ersoy

ERSOY: How to improve willpower to get what you want

According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, 71% of us believe that willpower is a skill that can be developed. This is encouraging, and actually countless psychological studies have confirmed that this belief is accurate.

ERSOY: Vegan vs. Carnivore — which one is healthier? (Part 2)

With vegan and carnivore we have two extremes that are exactly the opposite way to eat. So which one is the best approach? I think that the only person who can answer that is you. In my previous column I talked about the vegan diet and what you need to consider if you choose to follow it as a diet or as a vegan lifestyle. Now let’s look at carnivore.

ERSOY: Vegan vs. Carnivore, which one is healthier? (Part 1)

Vegan and carnivore are both diets, or ways of eating, that are gaining a lot of popularity. Vegan involves consuming no animal products (and eating only fruits, vegetables, grains etc) while carnivore involves consuming only animal products (and eating meat, fish, eggs, cheese, honey etc).

ERSOY: Can you eat too much fruit?

I don’t know many people who don’t like to eat some type of fruit. Most fruits are delicious, many of them very sweet too. But is it good or bad to consume fruit?

ERSOY: How to use exercise as medicine (Part 2)

Exercise can be a powerful tool for disease prevention, but it is also very effective if you already have a disease. It can have positive benefits on your mood, help improve mental health, and can be an important must-have part of your treatment.

ERSOY: How to use exercise as medicine

You have probably heard many times about the benefits of exercise for improving your health and even reversing many existing health conditions. Food is information for our body, and exercise is a medicine for both healing and prevention. Understanding how to use this can be hugely beneficial, whatever you want to improve.

ERSOY: Sometimes words have no meaning

We all have our own challenges in our life. Everyone who we see, maybe in person or maybe on social media, is undoubtedly going through something and we mostly have no idea about it.

ERSOY: Newest miracle weight loss drug

You might have heard about a new weight loss drug called “Semaglutide”. It has been in use for some time already for treating type 2 diabetes, and the FDA approved it in 2021 to also be used for weight loss in obese individuals.