ERSOY: Is organic food worth the price?

I personally buy organic as much as possible, for a variety of reasons. I understand though that many people think that it’s not necessary to consume organic produce and question whether it’s really worth paying more.

ERSOY: Does the type of cardio matter?

The word cardio is often linked to weight loss. And that’s understandable, it is true that cardio can help you burn some extra calories. Although we often forget that weight loss really is just an additional side effect of cardio and the correct diet.

ERSOY: Can you gain strength with intermittent fasting?

If you find the title of this column interesting then probably you already have some experience with intermittent fasting, or you know about it and want to try it. Intermittent fasting (IF) has become very popular in the last few years. You may have heard some amazing success stories but maybe also some not so positive results as well.

ERSOY: Dealing with binge eating and eating disorders

We all binge eat at some points in our life. Binge eating simply means consuming a very large quantity of food often without even realizing it, and don’t worry, just because you have done this doesn’t mean that you have an eating disorder. Probably you did it without any feelings of blame or shame about yourself afterwards, and while it may not be perfect for your body it’s probably not causing any major problems either. However, if you find yourself keeping doing it over and over again, for example regularly for several months, then you may need to seek help.

ERSOY: Are goals and dreams really necessary?

One more year has passed and we have had one more opportunity to do something different in our lives, and hopefully our lives are all getting better in every way. Of course, that’s what we wish for. And even if we don’t have specific New Year resolutions we most likely do have our own subconscious wish list for what we want to get or achieve.

ERSOY: Why is dieting a never ending story? Part 3 — is insulin your enemy?

Why is dieting a never ending story? In the previous parts of this series I explained how the body will resist by changing hormones and slowing down the metabolism to either initially prevent you from losing weight or to trigger you to gain it back after losing it. This process is just our body trying to survive, it really doesn’t care how we may look in a certain outfit.

ERSOY: Why is dieting a never ending story? Part 2

In part one of this series I gave you a little bit of bad news when I explained how dieting is hard and how our body’s reaction is to make sure that we maintain homeostasis, keeping everything with normal conditions and not losing weight.

ERSOY: Why is dieting a never ending story? Part 1

For many people, Thanksgiving and Christmas mean gaining some extra weight then starting dieting once the holidays are over. I don’t think that it is the smartest idea to eat extra with a wish to then lose it after the holidays. Here’s why…

ERSOY: How excess sugar can compromise your immunity

There are a number of reasons why sugar has got a bad reputation in recent years. The most obvious reason is that we can see that most people are not really healthy. Foods that contain sugars are sweet and give us a quick dopamine release, making us enjoy them and want to eat more. Maybe you heard that sugar is more addictive than most drugs? No matter how addictive, one thing for sure is that the majority of us do like sweets such as baked goods, sugary drinks and ice cream.

ERSOY: How to improve bone health with exercise

Most people know what they need to do to lose weight, although applying the knowledge can still be tricky. However, it’s very hard to know what you can do to improve your bone health. We have probably all heard that calcium is very important for our bones, which is true, but getting enough calcium in your diet alone might be not enough.

ERSOY: Are we expecting too much of others?

Coming back to visit my family and friends, after a long time living outside my own country where I was born, has made me realize just how many difficulties I used to have in my life when I was living here. Then I started to question myself as to whether we are creating our own difficulties, unknowingly?

ERSOY: The simplest solution for your health

Unfortunately we do not always know what the cause is for some of the health struggles that we may be facing. Most of the time we will overthink any illness or disease, and we might not realize that there actually may be way to heal ourselves with just some very simple and free changes to our lifestyle. And this time it’s not exercise, although of course this is very important too. But this is something that we can’t live without — water!

ERSOY: Does intermittent fasting help for weight loss?

Fasting has increased a lot in popularity, especially for weight loss purposes. Fasting can offer many other health benefits though, such as improving metabolic health, brain function, gut health, physical performance, sleep, spiritual health, increasing the ability to handle stress by making cells more resilient, preventing many diseases, and much more. Of course the benefits depend on how long and how often you are fasting.

ERSOY: Salt‚ we can’t survive without it

Sodium is an essential nutrient, which means that it’s something that our body can not produce on its own, so we need to consume it. Sodium plays a vital role in the regulation of many of our body’s functions, including fluid balance and acid base balance.

ERSOY: Are you too old to start exercising, part 2

When we think of exercise we may often think of going to some facility such as a community center or a gym. Although if you are not able (or do not want) to go somewhere like that then there is plenty that you can do at home. Even if you don’t have any equipment, just your furniture or even things like water bottles or canned food can be used for your some of the exercises.

ERSOY: The most misunderstood diet

I’ve been a nutritionist for many years but I still don’t even know how many types of diet there are out there. Almost every day we are hearing of a new “magical diet”, maybe even one that is actually really healthy and good for you. However, there is so much confusing information that it’s hard to know where to start.