Letter for Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Every story has two sides

Why did seven directors resign from the board of the Friends of the Princeville Library?

A letter sent to the membership by the remaining two directors and by the branch manager to the membership, announced the resignations on Oct. 5.

This letter implied that all of us resigned because of our inability to adapt to the “fresh skills and viewpoints” of the two new board members.

It is true that the contrast between the new directors and other director’s way of functioning as a team created a climate of frustration and discontent on both sides.

Neither side was totally right or wrong. Integration of the new members was further hampered by the inability to meet in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event that was the catalyst for the resignations occurred at our Sept. 9 Zoom board meeting was a comment made by new member that she felt they were treated differently because they were “persons of color.” We were all blindsided by her comment. We all categorically deny there is any truth to her claim. The branch manager stated she would meet with the new members to discuss the issue. We never received any information regarding the outcome of this meeting.

The seven directors resigned because of the “persons-of-color” comment, the lack of information from the branch manager and the fact that the new members never made the effort to contact the directors to resolve the issue. Instead, they elected to send a letter to the membership. The seven directors did not choose to resign, they felt they had no choice but to resign.

Over the years, we have interacted and worked with numerous new directors. We have listened and worked cooperatively with each new member, and we adjusted to the managerial differences of each branch manager assigned to the library (six by my count during my eight years as president.)

It has been my good fortune to work with a wonderful group of directors. They have lived on Kaua‘i for many years and have shared their deep knowledge of aloha. They are intelligent, creative, humble, resourceful, inclusive and caring. I cannot thank them enough for their support during my tenure as president of the board.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all the volunteers, board directors, used-book-sale team, speakers, library staff and members of the friends. Because of your support, the new board will be able to continue to financially support the library.

Laura McConnell, ex-president and a “person of color.”

Andrea Slevin

Anne Schneider

Jacqui Fournier

Dorothy Sasaki

Susan Dierker

Michelle Thomas

  1. nobody October 21, 2020 7:40 am Reply

    North Shore modern problems.

  2. nobody October 21, 2020 7:45 am Reply

    I smell a book burning.

  3. Westside Resident October 21, 2020 11:30 am Reply

    A ‘person of color’ such as a blushing red, green eyes, or yellow hair…or black skin..or white skin tanned brown…or even red hair?

    We need a definition to understand the circumstances. Because if we’re actually discussing racism, then more precise language is needed.

  4. mervin ahana October 21, 2020 1:23 pm Reply

    Having been born and educated on Kauai till 1953, I find the resignation of seven directors from the Friend of Princebille Libraary very disturbing. If I understand correctly, the retirement based on the introduction of racism by two new directors, I believe it should be the other way around. We don’t need this on Kauai and less so in Princeville. This use of racism should be nipped in he bud immediately and the two new directors asked to resign.

  5. nothings free October 21, 2020 2:14 pm Reply

    You’ve been blindsided by BLM and loony liberals who throw around the race card to cover up their own personal systemic racism which is magnified by the guilt they are riddled with.

  6. Tracey McCullough October 22, 2020 4:30 am Reply

    A Sad Affair: Tourists Versus Locals

    I am so sad to see the unfolding restaurant rebellion against tourists returning to Kauai. I applaud Hawaii for requiring ANYONE coming from the mainland to prove they are Covid 19 negative in order to avoid a 14 day quarantine. People coming from the mainland are going through every hoop known to get a test through the preferred partners designated by the state. The vast majority of visitors are respecting Kauai county rules regarding mask wearing and social distancing both indoors and outside. If they are Covid clear they have every right to ear outdoors at restaurants if they are following the rules specified by the county for outdoor dining.
    Please don’t ‘politicize’ Covid 19 with an attitude of ‘us’ versus ‘them’ . This is not the Kauai any of us want. The most important point I want to make is Covid 19 does not discriminate. It doesn’t care if you are a local, visitor, essential worker, inter-island traveler, mainland traveler or a part-time resident. It infects anyone, anywhere given the opportunity and ideal transmission conditions.
    Finally, I want to applaud Mayor Kawakami for his outstanding tenure thus far and his excellent management of Covid 19 on Kauai. I am a part-time resident moving rapidly toward full-time resident on Kauai. Of course I will follow all rules and guidelines Kauai county has in place to minimize spread of Covid 19 on Kauai. This includes a negative Covid 19 test upon arrival and post-arrival testing should that become available on Kauai in the future.
    Tracey McCullough

    1. james October 27, 2020 7:46 am Reply

      We now have an example or why this plan is faulty. A returning resident tested negative prior to flying back from the mainland. He then took the free 72 hour test 3 days later and tested positive. Do you wonder why we are just a touch upset with tourists who chose to come here for vacation in the middle of a deadly pandemic? It’s selfish and thoughtless, and shows no respect for the residents of Kauai. Wait for a vaccine before coming over here for pleasure.

  7. don't forget..white is a color October 23, 2020 8:26 am Reply

    Color is created by the amount of sun rays that are absorbed or reflected by a particular substance. In this case that substance is human skin. This creates a “tone” or “color”. Now, is the sun being racist for absorbing more rays into the darker colors and less rays absorbed by “lighter” colors? Seems to me that certain people are being discriminated against and others preferred by receiving more light rays than others..??

    1. And remember... October 23, 2020 4:02 pm Reply

      If you find you have to make excuses for racism, you might be racist.

  8. LTEreader October 23, 2020 10:47 am Reply

    RE: Tracey McCullough –

    “People coming from the mainland are going through every hoop known to get a test through the preferred partners designated by the state.”

    The problem is thousands aren’t. There was 1,300 just on the first day! They’re arriving without test results opting for the 14 day quarantine instead, and some apparently said they didn’t know. Really? They didn’t check the requirements of their destination before traveling? Nope, I’m not buying it. I think some are just avoiding the test fee, or maybe they tested positive and didn’t want to cancel their vacation last minute (lets hope not). Unfortunately there’s no way to tell who’s been tested or not, so residents and pre-tested travelers are all at risk.

    “The vast majority of visitors are respecting Kauai county rules regarding mask wearing and social distancing both indoors and outside.”

    Apparently quite a few aren’t. I’m on multiple FB groups here and have already read comments from too many residents working in stores & restaurants that visitors are ignoring our mask mandate, and being rude about it with them too!

    *BTW there already is voluntary post test available here 72 hours after arrival for anyone flying in from the Mainland. I believe they’re offering gift cards as an incentive to encourage more to do it. Realistically, if they test positive it’s an automatic 14 day quarantine, so I doubt many are going to volunteer.

  9. Kimo October 24, 2020 10:45 am Reply

    Speaking of not following the rules and regulations for safety against the COVID-19, I was accosted at a local farmers market by a tourist a few days ago, when I asked him to please follow the 6 foot distance rule. He ignored my request, looked at me with great disdain and groused big time and 10 minutes later he accosted me again with extremely rude behavior. Is this going to be the new normal? I guess we are about to lose our little slice of paradise. The best thing in life are extremely finite.

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