Letter for Monday, October 19, 2020

No test, no flight

And so it begins at the Lihu‘e Airport, with increased arrivals to Kaua‘i from the mainland.

After reading about the few “hiccups” in this new process, one of them being travelers choosing to board a plane with no negative COVID test results, it is curious that this well-thought-out, elaborate system of opening up Hawai‘i would allow that.

Allowing passengers with no negative COVID results to board and travel to Hawai‘i, in this case Kaua‘i, is creating a bottleneck in the flow of pedestrian traffic in the airport after deplaning. Yet another place for close contact and possible disease transmission.

Suggestion: No COVID test results, no boarding a plane to Hawai‘i.

Dr. Michael Diamant, Koloa

  1. Statistically Speaking ... October 19, 2020 3:26 am Reply

    Nearly 100% of the people flying for the last SEVEN MONTHS have boarded without a negative test.

  2. I saw a Vampire once October 19, 2020 12:40 pm Reply

    That was October 15. It has been 4 days since they said the economy will open up. It doesn’t look like the economy is opening up. Restaurants are still closed. Bars are still closed. There are no people walking around. The malls are still kind of slow moving. Just no cruise ships coming in. Still yet slow on the tourist coming in. What are they waiting for?

  3. I saw a Vampire once October 19, 2020 1:18 pm Reply

    Monday, Oct 19: Oahu only: 1260 new tests (0 from surge); 31 new cases; 7 new hospitalizations; Positivity = 31/1260 = 2.5% (see note below)

    Sunday, Oct 18: Oahu only: 2324 new tests (0 from surge); 68 new cases; 4 new hosp; Positivity = 68/2324 = 2.9%

    Saturday, Oct 17: Oahu only: 2698 new tests (0 from surge); 81 new cases; 13 new hosp; Positivity = 81/2698 = 3.0%

    Friday, Oct 16: Oahu only: 2277 new tests (0 from surge); 68 new cases; 10 new hosp; Positivity = 68/2277 = 3.0%

    Thursday, Oct 15: Oahu only: 2278 new tests (0 from surge); 74 new cases; 17 new hosp; Positivity = 74/2278 = 3.2%

    Wednesday, Oct 14: Oahu only: 2826 new tests (0 from surge); 81 new cases; 10 new hosp; Positivity = 81/2826 = 2.9%

    Tuesday, Oct 13: Oahu only: 1581 new tests (0 from surge); 30 new cases; X new hosp; Positivity = 30/1581 = 1.9%

    Monday, Oct 12: Oahu only: 770 new tests (0 from surge); 37 new cases; 4 new hosp; Positivity = 37/770 = 4.8%

    Still not at Tier 2. 7 day average must be 5-8 cases. Honolulu staradvertiser, comment

  4. Tem Persher October 20, 2020 6:25 am Reply

    How many people are hospitalized because the hospital needs business, compared to those who are in critical condition?

    Number of deaths by Covid19 virus are being exaggerated by the media at least, if not the medical industry, by 94%. There is only 12,000 deaths, not 200,000 deaths.

    Media spreading fear, shame on them.

    Truth in reporting we deserve.

  5. rk669 October 20, 2020 7:04 am Reply

    Is your Hair still on Fire? Stay in your Basement with Sleepy Joe!

  6. Kauaidoug October 20, 2020 12:24 pm Reply

    What kind of person gets on a plane to Hawaii without the Covid19 test? After all this time surely they knew and WHY are they being allowed to fly? It’s these loopholes that we ordinary Citizens can see the folly of but the state can’t for some reason, well ,we know the reason$$$, and that is why the economy is not opening. We have to tame the virus before the economy follows. Even the Orange one has acknowledged that fact but it’s too late for him but not for us. As a tour guide in a private car I do not feel safe inviting visitors in my car with the state laws currently in effect concerning Covid19.

  7. commonsense October 20, 2020 9:04 pm Reply

    Tem Persher. Where do you get your untrue date from? Please state publications, articles, facts to support your claim. I will bet you are a Republican that buys into the repeated rhetoric of non-scientists and blind followers of the great sheep-herder. Unfortunately, this blind following without actual research and follow-up is what is dividing us all. This is true on both sides of the political spectrum.

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