New car lusting, questing and educating

Dawn F. Kawahara / Special to The Garden Island

A jeweled VW Bug, “Vochol” 2010, by eight Huichol (Jalisco, Mexico) artists using traditional beadworking designs and techniques, contains 2,277,000 glass beads, resin, paint and yarn, and is from a 2018 exhibit at the Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“I am not a ‘thing’-oriented person,” I reminded myself as two of my friends came tootling up in red cars that shone sassy-sweet as candy apples. “I am not my car,” I reminded myself again as others came along in snappy, ocean-blue and polar-white, brand-new SUVs and hybrids equipped with all the newest bells and whistles, including back-up views.