‘Stop Flu at School’ vaccination consent forms

HONOLULU – The Hawaii Department of Health will hold flu vaccination clinics in 185 public schools statewide from Oct. 14 through Nov. 27.

Parents or guardians wanting their child to receive a free flu shot should return the completed consent form to their school by Aug. 23 Consent forms will be sent home with students at participating schools.

The annual Stop Flu at School program provides free flu shots to children in kindergarten through grade 8 attending participating schools statewide.

Parents and guardians of students attending schools that will not have a school-located clinic are encouraged to contact their child’s healthcare provider to receive the flu vaccine in their office. For more information, call Aloha United Way’s information and referral service at 2-1-1.

The list of participating schools on Kauai includes:

• Alakai O Kauai PCS, Oct. 25

• Eleele Elementary, Oct. 25

• Hanalei School, Oct. 18

• Hawaii Technology Academy PCS, Oct. 16

• Kalaheo Elementary, Oct. 22

• Kamakahelei Middle, Oct. 29

• Kanuikapono PCS, Oct. 18

• Kapaa Elementary, Nov. 1

• Kapaa Middle, Oct. 17

• Kekaha Elementary, Oct. 17

• Kilauea Elementary, Oct. 18

• Waimea Canyon Middle, Oct. 23

• Wilcox Elementary, Oct. 21

  1. Charlie Chimknee August 7, 2019 11:26 pm Reply

    Aloha Kakou,

    Vaccines…? For the most part…are man made in laboratories or medical factories really, when huge amounts are made for the seasonal sickness syndromes.

    The risk to taking vaccines is contamination by heavy metals then injected into you…how do they get heavy metals or other contaminants into vaccines, it’s seems to just be a part of the process and contaminants are always by error of one kind or another, when they unintentionally contaminate your vaccine or injection of any kind.

    The suspicion is why are they offering the vaccine for free…Mother always warned us about taking drugs offered to us for free…! Most Over enough accumulation of time and use they will make you sick and diseased…even the dreaded plant based drugs are not good for us…Tobacco, Opium/Heroin, Cocaine, Beer, and Sugar, for example; and those originate in nature.

    But maybe these vaccines are given free because they are old, stale, out dated, last year’s vaccine…? Who knows…? When the flu comes around petrochemical drug companies hastily isolate the bacteria and or virus thought to be associated with the flu or whatever, and try to make,or force, a matching “lock and key” reaction to that particular body invader. They are using the vaccine to challenge the immune mechanisms that nature already has in place in our bodies…the self controlled immune system, which rarely needs outside help, if left to its own design, it will effectively perform the immune response and healing process.

    In as simple of terms as is possible in a limited comment like this…let’s consider…

    Once in the body the invading flu organisms are referred to as ANTIGENS, and the drug companies try to rapidly get a vaccine made in millions of dosages for the public matching to a particular flu antigen found in some human or even an animal, or for any other illness for that matter.

    The difficulty for the vaccine companies is that these natural invading organisms, called antigens, are constantly mutating in our bodies and quickly no longer allow a “lock and key” match for the drug companies’ vaccine. Thus the vaccine is not effective after the initial antigen mutations occur as the invading organisms pass from one person to another, as in you, and you being called the “host”.

    And this is why many people who get the flu vaccine still get the flu. And some even die, but they are usually people who go to the hospital because the actual flu on top of the flu vaccine has made the person doubly sick and weak, and then the hospital staff gives more drugs for the symptoms and the whole cocktail of medications on top of the flu and vaccine combined with age of a senior can result in the possible loss of a human life.

    It’s a thin line between life and death sometimes, it is made more difficult when you are ignorant of what is happening in your own body, it is difficult to have confidence in your own body and rely on nature, to rely your own immune system and your own healing process, as well as foods that nutrify your body and strengthen your immune, nervous, and all the other systems in the body as well as the organs. Like mushrooms, don’t be kept In the the dark and be fed…baloney…

    Let’s look a little deeper. Everytime a foreign entity, an antigen, that is nature made and enters your body, the immune system is on duty 24 hours a day, actually every second, to capture by “lock and key, and render it non harmful to our bodies.

    The moment foreign bacteria or virus or toxin or poison enters your body in, hopefully a non fatal dosage, like arsenic, or strychnine can be, etc., your body’s nervous system senses that particular invader, antigen, regardless of entry point to the body, like body orifices or skin penetration. Because of the know-all ability of the body’s nervous system, interacting with and directing the human defensive immune system, immune cells attack the invading “antigens”. In the presence of foreign organisms especially man made, and then our own immune system will naturally make the (see below) mentioned defense cells by the millions, and more, in order to nullify the toxicity of the invading antigens, rendering the antigens ineffective by the lock and key systems (or by the big cell eaters in our bodies called MACROPHAGES.)

    The wonderful thing about our immune system is that the nervous system will direct the immune system to selectively keep in our bodies a whole army of our own man made defensive cells for the rest of our life ready to attack any same re-invading organism.

    In fact the nervous system has special sensors lining our fluid vessels, the arteries and veins and lymphatic vessels, these nervous system sensors can tell the brain stem about every thing that passes by in our fluid vessels, including antigens that require the immune system to attack and overcome them before they multiply and overcome you and make you sick.

    So too the drug vaccine is seen by the immune system as being an also invader or antigen that the immune system is then additionally burdened to defend against.

    With so many medical drugs today, there is concern that they are derived from petrochemicals and are carcinogenic, cancer causing, the mystery being why would doctors give such drugs to people already limited by their disease or illness, burdening people’s immune systems even further.

    Some of our own body’s defensive immune cells are called: Agglutinins, Precipitators, Antibiotics, Neutralyzers, Opsins, and Lysins. You can see therefore our bodies make their own antibiotics, amongst many other defensive cells with more names as well.

    The best part is that your own internally produced antibiotics are made in a perfect matched “Lock and Key System” wherein the body made antibiotics perfectly fit into, onto, and around the invading organisms, antigens, that are trying to make you sick; but our bodies’ immune systems “Zap” the antigens and keep them from multiplying before you even get the effects of the invading organism, which some of those effects give the feelings and symptoms of flu. In fact the symptoms of flu are really you feeling the very processes the nervous and immune systems use to get you well, those processes should not be interrupted by drugs or vaccines.

    The use of drugs and medications weaken or over tax the immune system as the immune system tries to clear out the actual flu “bug”, and then also the immune system has to also clear out additionally the toxicity of the medications and the actual flu “bugs” as well.

    When the flu or cold goes through an office or a classroom, probably every occupant is exposed to the sickness, the people who show no sign or symptom of illness, more than likely have capable nervous systems and immune systems adequate enough to render the flu bug helpless in making you body sick, and thus while you may have the flu bug in you, you will not feel any sickness or flu symptoms.

    To strengthen your immune system stop taking drugs, vaccines, and remedies of any kind, go natural and let your body build up its own natural immune resistance to the things in our environment that make us sick. Some people never go to the doctor in their whole life, they make have gotten sick but they let there own body perform the healing process and wait and let the immune system do it’s thing making the immune system stronger the next time sickness knocks on their “door”.

    Of course alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and junk food and sugars of any kind stress and weaken your immune system, by burdening the immune system, as in trying to get rid of the garbage.

    As to cures, there are only a few…leather, corned beef, and resin, etc, that’s right, there are no cures, for people, because humans use the internal healing .process requiring the nervous system to properly direct the immune , repair, and healing processes and activities.

    Healing is a process under the complete control of your nervous system, remember all processes take time…ya get sick, lie down and let your nervous and Immune systems perform their job. If you have ever been ill and took no medications whatsoever, then your body healed (a process) itself.

    So much to be said so little time to share it.

  2. Charlie Chimknee August 8, 2019 5:21 am Reply

    Aloha Kakou,

    My other comment today was meant to be only a brief description of some of both the Nervous System and the Immune System. These 2 of several physiological systems in our bodies are so vast it is doubtful that science itself is fully knowledgeable about all of their depth and functions.

    There are many more immune defense cells than mentioned in the other comment, as well as their particular functions.

    A study of the immune .system under the guidance of a professor in that field is most rewarding and would serve the public well if it was free and online.

    As to the human Nervous System it is a Universe unto its own self as to the vast organization and control it has over our every aspect of our minds and physical anatomy and physiology.

    The Nervous System is the 1sr cell to differentiate from the thought to be 15 other cells of a beginning new human and just a few days after conception of each new person’s 2 parent cells.

    From that singular cell the brain and brain step are eventually located in and protected by the skull or cranium, and the spinal cord and it’s striated cauda equina eventually run the length of, and is protected by the spinal columns 24 vertebrae.

    The Nervous System besides coordinating all of the body’s anatomy and systems and specifically for this discussion, the immune system throughout life, the Nervous System also coordinates and organizes the development of the entire human baby in a mere approximate 9 months of pregnancy. And the nervous system does this with only an initial 15 other cells to develop these 15 cells into an entire tiny human by the day of birth.

    As science develops over decade after decade, the exactness if information about the human body expands further and further, it would be nice to kept up to date of each new human body discoveries.

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