Survey: Hawaii loses 51 doctors as shortage continues

HONOLULU— Hawaii lost 51 full-time doctors over the last year, continuing a physician shortage across the state, according to a workforce survey.

The latest physician workforce survey by the University of Hawaii shows the state has about 2,900 full-time doctors, about 800 doctors short of the number needed across all specialties.

This year’s loss is the first since 2014 when 92 doctors left the workforce, according to the survey. The state added 75 doctors last year, 97 in 2016 and four in 2015.

Oahu is short 384 doctors, and the Big Island needs 213, according to the survey. Maui needs 141 and Kauai needs 59.

A number of factors have contributed to the shortage, including better pay elsewhere, complicated insurance payment systems and requirements, and increasingly burdensome medical regulations, said university professor Kelley Withy, who conducts the survey.

“This just makes it more challenging for patients to get the care they need when they need it, which could end in significant health impairments and patient suffering,” Withy said.

When 67-year-old Poni Medeiros was diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer in March, her daughter Nicole Pagan called nearly a dozen oncologists. The earliest appointment the Maui resident could schedule was more than two months later, Pagan said.

“Those days were spent not only with me wrapping my head around the diagnosis not knowing what it meant, but also frantically calling anybody,” Pagan told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Pagan’s mother died about two weeks later. Because Medeiros wasn’t able to see an oncologist, the family doesn’t know where the root of the cancer was, Pagan said.

  1. Charlie Chimknee September 18, 2018 8:51 am Reply

    They say every cloud has a silver lining. The loss of Disease Care medical doctors is not so much a loss as a shift in the Health Care System.

    People, patients, are turning away from a “pill for every ill” mentality. People are realizing that one is not sick because of a lack of medical drugs (petrochemicals). People are realizing that there are actual known or discoverable causes of short term (flu and colds and infections) and long term (chronic) diseases…heart and vascular disease, cancers, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, you name it.

    And without finding the Cause of your illness, and removing the Cause or avoiding it to keep you Health, you will be down at the pill doctor’s office; where medicine drugs ignore the cause of sickness and disease and work to cover up the symptoms only, masking the problems while the Cause of the problem is still ongoing in your body and you are still actually sick even though your lab results look better or you feel better, you are still actually sick and deteriorating on the inside…waiting for a worse and more complicated diagnosis down the road.

    For example, if you have High Blood Pressure, there are drugs to lower your blood pressure, but none of the drugs remove the cause of your blood pressure problem. The cause is still there but your blood pressure numbers are lowered and you are told you are OK WITH LOWER NUMBERS…It’s really what we now call FAKE NEWS.

    Let’s say the food you eat is causing the High Blood Pressure, you only take the pills which force your blood pressure down. You are told you are safe now with lower BP numbers. But you are still eating the same foods that cause the clogging of your arteries and the situation of your BP only gets worse requiring stronger medication in the future.

    Besides, inside your body, the controlling mechanism of your blood pressure (BP) is not stupid, it is making your BP high so that it can pump vital nutrients and oxygen through your clogged arteries to your whole body including your brain. As a matter of fact it is a part of your brain that is controlling your BP, so don’t allow your brain to get clogged up you need it to have Blood Pressure as zero on your BP is death.

    So eating the same foods that cause high BP, and take only petrochemical drugs that Fake lower your BP, is not helping your Health, it’s helping your Disease…allowing disease to continue in your body un-cared for in a responsible manner. This applies to almost all disease situations.

    Besides we all know that petrochemical medical drugs are mostly made from carcinogenic (cancer causing) petroleum, oil, that
    causes bad side effects, some being fatal with deadly results.

    As Hawaii is losing Drug only Doctors, let’s hope they are being replaced by actual Health doctors who do not give drugs, but instead find the cause of your disease and get you to remove the Cause, or avoid it entirely. These doctors would be not MD’s, but alternative doctors and practitioners, natural practitioners who know how to educate people as to what foods and activities give life and those that don’t. How to avoid poison in our foods, so prevalent today. How to protect your head and spine which houses and protects your whole Central Nervous System, which controls every cel, tissue, organ, and system in your body. A healthy nervous system is a requirement for Health.

    Actual Health Doctors and practitioners provide services and education that improves, restores, and maintains your Health.

    Health Care is PROACTIVE…you do things daily to improve or keep your Health.

    DISEASE Care is REACTIVE…you wait till you are sick and then you go and take toxic chemicals that lead to side effects, some deadly.

    Ouch…! ! !

    Remember, only you can prevent Disease…and only you can KEEP or RESTORE your own Health. You must work on it everyday. You can’t be lazy, you, have to push yourself. Surfers have to lush themselves through wave after wave to enjoy their sport. The bigger the waves the bigger the push through and the more effort it takes and the more strength it builds.

    A one handful of things that promote Health everyday, and in the long run are more powerful than drugs, is the acronym, SWARE.


    Utilize the right amount of them every day.

    And the Supervisor of God’s Department of Health is Mother Nature, and in her benevolence she has provided some of the basis of Health for FREE. That would be the 5 Free natural things above.

    It’s your life and it’s your job to keep it alive. The search and discovery and the perpetuation of Health has nothing, absolutely NOTHING to do with Disease.

    Be Natural bound and chemical free…read the labels, avoid the chemicals and sugars (the kiddie krack that makes you keep coming back…for more), you’ll do your body good.



  2. rk669 September 18, 2018 5:25 pm Reply

    Socialized Medicine = Obamacare! Cause and Effect?

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