Effort to help monarch butterflies gets boost in marketplace

  • In this Aug. 19, 2018 photo, a monarch butterfly sips nectar from a zinnia flower in Vineeta Anand’s garden in Alexandria, Va. Anand, whose garden is a registered monarch waystation with Monarch Watch, tends several varieties of milkweed in her garden, attracting monarchs each year. In Quebec, an initiative to expand milkweed production and help the monarch population has been boosted by a renewed commitment from Quartz Co. of the Montreal area to make and sell high-end coats using the fiber. (AP Photo/Cal Woodward)

MONTREAL — An initiative to market milkweed for the benefit of monarch butterflies — and the farmers in Quebec and Vermont who grow it — is getting a boost from a Canadian parka company that is renewing its commitment to sell coats made with the plant’s floss.