Letters for Sunday, October 8, 2017

• Government’s budget model is not sustainable • Blame the reality TV star you elected, not those reacting to him • Coulter’s views should be taken with grain of salt

Government’s budget model is not sustainable

Right on, Mike Curtis, for your column (“Unlike government, business must ‘break even,’” TGI, Oct. 5) explaining why Gary Hooser and the liberals, especially in Hawaii, don’t understand budgets. Unlike you and me, they are not constrained by their income, so when Mr. Hooser advocates giving away all these benefits, you correctly point out that we are just going farther into debt. Business owners can’t get away with that!

Thank you for showing the statistics for everyone to read, such as $24 billion of unfunded liabilities. If that doesn’t cause people to worry, what will? You are totally correct. This model is NOT sustainable. Thank you again.

Kris Van Dahm, Kapaa

Blame the reality TV star you elected, not those reacting to him

Regarding Kimo Rosen’s rant about “the NFL, Hollywood and comedians dictating policy,” I’d like to remind him that hehelped elect a reality TV star with a history of bankrupting companies and stiffing contractors in the White House. Mr. Rosenhelped let the genie out of the bottle on non-professionals dictating policy, not the NFL, Hollywood or comedians. They’re alljust commenting on the destruction he is causing.

Jason Blake, Lihue

Coulter’s views should be taken with grain of salt

Although I appreciate the diversified selection of letters and editorials appearing in the paper, Ann Coulter should be takenwith a grain of salt. By no means of her life experience or education is she a valid commentator on the issues expressed in hercolumn.

Ann Coulter was born in New York City and raised in New Canaan, Connecticut. As per the 2010 census, New Canaan had thehighest family median income in the United States. Her peer group experiences in her developing years were extremelynarrow, lacking any diversification, due to being raised in that segregated environment. Her father was a staunch supporter ofSen. Eugene McCarthy. She attended Cornell University and graduated with a BA degree in history and later graduated lawschool.

Her column referred to the recent tragedy in Las Vegas. Her line was that the perpetrator was white. She went on to say thatother mass shootings were soon forgotten and did not receive as much attention in the media. She mentioned as one examplethe December 1993 tragic mass shooting that occurred on the Long Island Rail Road as it stopped at the Merillon AvenueStation near Garden City.

At that time I lived on Long Island and she could not be further from the truth in making that statement. That incident wascovered daily for quite some time in the newspapers and television news. It was a racially motivated incident. The perpetrator,Colin Ferguson, admitted his racist motivations and went on to defend himself in his court trial, which greatly amplified thelongevity of media attention.

Ms. Coulter should get her facts right, although she does admit to relish in provoking the public with her outlandish remarks.It is just part of her act to get attention.

Chester Mazurowski, Kapaa


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