Letters for Saturday, October 7, 2017

• Dairy farm not financially feasible • There appears to be disparity in vehicle licensing

Dairy farm not financially feasible

As a long-time visitor to Kauai I am very disturbed by the thought of a dairy farm in Mahaulepu. Besides all of the very important environmental concerns, what I don’t understand is the fiscal viability of such a venture. After having done feasibility studies for dairy plants and dairy farms in Washington state, I do not consider this to be a profitable enterprise.

Taking into account the milk-pricing structure, the cost of each dairy cow, feed costs, wastewater management, veterinary costs, labor costs, chemical costs and usages, and the cost of milk shipments to a dairy plant for processing, this does not make fiscal sense. Has anyone asked how the Hawaii Dairy Farm plans to make a profit if they want to stay in business? And they want to import dung beetles? That is all Kauai needs is another invasive species like the rose-ringed parakeet. My wife and I are very opposed to this venture.

Martin and Gerri Rowen, Bothell, Washington

There appears to be disparity in vehicle licensing

In response to Jules Cannon (TGI 10-1-17), it’s funny you bring up the scenario of larger vehicles and whether or not they paytheir fair share of taxes. To answer your question, they don’t. After noticing that an Akita Enterprises school bus had regularpassenger plates (like my ‘94 Nissan Sentra), I inquired with our local DMV and was told that because they pick up “kids” theycan have regular passenger plates???

So my F250 3/4-ton truck requires commercial plates but a huge, heavy school bus that’s tearing up our highways and sidestreets during the school year can have passenger plates?

That is absolutely asinine. They should either have commercial plates or the fleet plates with them being a commercial entity.The 3/4-to-1-ton truck commercial plate requirement is kind of sporadic and all over the place as well. Because I see othertrucks similar to mine regardless of manufacturer with passenger plates. Hmmmm??? Something is a miss, DMV.

Ford F250/350s, Chevy/GMC 2500, 3500s and Dodge/Ram 2500, 3500s should all have commercial plates. Is it really thatdifficult to figure out? No it’s not. Use the VIN. And since I’m on the subject of plates and registration, can someone pleaseexplain to me why it is that Public Defender Ms. Renti Cruz is allowed to operate her vehicle with no plates and no vehicleinspection??? I’m pretty sure all the judges have current inspections and registrations, as well as the rest of us law-abidingcitizens.

Ka‘aona Kipuka, Lawai


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