T — Confidence and willpower

How powerful you feel about what you are doing, and acknowledge that you have the qualities to accomplish your goals and desires shows up in the way you write the letter “Tt.”

The archetype of the letter “Tt” governs the spine or backbone. It tells you to stand tall, upright with confidence and integrity accomplishing what is yours to do.

The letter “Tt” reminds you that your character strength relies upon your willingness to be committed to fulfilling noble ideals, plans, visions and intentions. It says that when you are inwardly motivated, enthusiasm, confidence and courage are sparked within you assisting you in meeting your potential dreams.

The design of the letter “Tt” consists of a stem and a cross-bar. When your confidence, courage and motivations are of a supportive nature backing up meaningful and challenging goals, you will place the t-bar on top of the letter “t” stem.

If you are hesitant in applying yourself, the t-bar will be weak and lowered on the stem of the letter.

Underestimating your capabilities, or energizing feelings of apathy, result in low placement along with a weak t-bar on the stem of the letter “t.”

The archetype of the letter “Tt” encourages you to ask yourself questions that review your attitudes, intentions and motives in defining your life experiences.

What meaningful projects have I completed that have influenced the well-being of myself and others? What noble plans do I have for myself that also benefit others?

When do I feel motivated and engage my willpower effectively? What are my qualities that support success?

Completion and fulfillment are characteristics of the letter “Tt.” The completions can relate to your style of creative expression and service, change of location, relationships, education, or physical and mental health care.

In each situation there is the potential of transformation and an opening to a new cycle of experience.

Upon each completion, the archetype of the letter “Tt” again encourages you to ask yourself questions that give meaning to the chosen completion: What wisdom did I gain from the experience? What attitudes have I learned about myself in the cycle? Have I made any changes in my lifestyle that support more harmony and balance in my life? What did I contribute and what mark do I leave behind? What vision do I now have for myself as I open another chapter in my life?

A concluding message of the archetype of the letter “Tt” is: honor your qualities of courage, confidence and willpower for they are the strengths you have to be and become your authentic greatness.


Angeline Welk of Princeville is a professional handwriting analyst. She writes this regular column for The Garden Island and maintains a website at http://ourlivingalphabet.com. She can be reached at alefangel@gmail.com


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