Hooser has no place on these pages

To whom it may concern;

In Wednesday’s forum, there was a bit of hysteria from our illustrious, thankfully unemployed Councilman Hooser. Thank God he is no longer one of the seven wonders of Kauai County. I just don’t think we could have survived much longer with his contributing the way he does.

He began whining and lying from the jump with crap like, “Daily we awake to news generated by a president who appears increasingly unstable; tweeting out angry, disjointed and cryptic messages…so-called leader of the free world mired in a tangled web of deceit and deception, surrounded by plots within plots as uncertainty and crisis become the new norm.”

This is the biggest pile of dog doody I can remember. This guy is so full of hate and rage, he is so far out there with regards to any normality or civility that he has forgotten who he is enraged with.

He has absolutely no regard or respect for the the Office of President of The United States of America. A truly obnoxious angry guy, this Hooser. Perhaps if he watched something correct (I dare not say “right” for fear of offending) or read something remotely true, even if he has to read it out loud to himself, he would see the error of his ways. He should be ashamed of himself for acting the fool.

Any intelligent person, be they a Democrat a Republican or an Independent, is so sick of this contrived drivel these career politicians keep selling. These guys got their ass kicked in November and just can’t get over it. They are going away the most child-like behaved hasbeens ever known. The silent majority, consisting of conservative, hard-working Americans, have had enough of the leftist crap the Democrats and the press as a whole (being polite here) keep spewing. It is so painfully obvious, these clowns have no ammo. They have been lying through their teeth for decades and, lately, finally, they seem to have been caught with their pants down. You know…Slick Willie-like. This Hooser guy has never had a bad word to say about a Clinton. I can flat-out guarantee that.

President Trump has taken it to the mass media and blackened their eye when he flung some doody back at those creeps. There has never been a guy so bold and confident to handle these thugs, representing our side for some time. Even though I’m a Reagan guy…I’ll say The Gipper didn’t have what The Donald has when it comes to shutting those American haters down. He has done so almost exclusively with his insight and his Twitter account, kicked their butt up and down Pennsylvania Avenue.

President Trump has been setting the tone and slapping down the lying fools and the fake news authors daily with his so called, “disjointed and cryptic messages.” He has commanded control of the press and they can’t stand it, nor the POTUS himself. He has taken the fight to them and has won pretty near every battle with the haters. Isn’t it obvious when Hooser the looser calls it “disjointed and cryptic” that he himself is out of touch. That he himself has an ax to grind. That he himself just flat-out can’t get over it. That he himself is an incredibly immature person. That he himself is a sore loser…of poor character.

I don’t recall, in 8 years of Clinton and 8 years of Obama, ever hearing anything like the hate and lies you hear every day from the left, the Hollywood idiots (if you pay any attention to them, you’re as big a fool) and mass media. If anyone would care enough to think for themselves and do just a tiny bit of research, you would see them for the liars they are. Hence the downfall of America. There are far too many lazy people out there who don’t care or are incredibly gullible.

Thank God, as the past several elections have shown, we still outnumber the sheep and the liars. Maybe one day we can run the thieves and the liars out of Honolulu and Lihue. What empty halls they would become.


John Dreisch is a resident of Kapaa.


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