Glenn Mickens deserves better

I am appalled at the letter to the editor, titled “No one is listening”, in the Garden Island news July 5, 2017 for numerous reasons.

A one sentence letter from Ka’aona Kipuka to Mr. Glenn Mickens telling him in the public forum— enclosed is his letter in full: “Yet again another letter of absolute nothingness from our favorite “Watchdog” Mr. Mickens. Shhhhh! No one cares.”

Not true, I care and know many others on the cosmic Garden Island that care.

First, Mr. Kipuka obviously cares! He proves beyond a reasonable doubt basic psychology 101, “That only the guilty speak.” Similar to the teacher asking , “who threw that spitball?” The first kid that raises his hand and says , I didn’t do it, did it! Busted Ka’aona.

Most important, Mr. Mickens is Kupuna and deserves and has earned respect.

Glenn and I disagree on issues and can debate in a gentlemanly way. Glenn is one the few that can disagree without name calling in a humane and gentlemanly manner, which is a lost art.

How many of you have a Wikipedia page? Mr. Mickens does, look it up!

How many of you played professional baseball or knew Jackie Robinson? Mr. Mickens had the honor!

I do not agree with Glenn on all political issues, I agree with Glenn that Kauai county should try a county manager style of government. We disagree on the current President, while many are unfriending each other, Glenn and I can disagree and still be friends. We also disagree on the pedestrian trail — however, we both respect each others opinions and have debated without name calling or putting the other guy down.

Mr. Mickens may be a nitpicker and watchdog, (names he enjoys by the way and is proud to be called) but without people like Mr. Mickens giving testimony at county council meetings and every other kind of open forum from traffic to new developments, things would be even worse than they are now. Mr. Mickens makes our politicians think and keeps them on their toes. Mahalo Nui Loa Glenn.

I understand The Garden Island news wanting to give everyone a voice, however this was not a letter. This was one sentence of hate to an upstanding gentleman, caring citizen and KUPUNA of the Garden Island (Mr. Mickens) that deserves respect, whether you agree with him or not!

I know Glenn has developed thick skin over the years as have I, however, still that letter was uncalled for in so many ways…Why publish hateful illiterate rants against kupuna in the community from a person whom doesn’t even exist on Google or Facebook?

Mr. Mickens will be 87 years old on July 30 and I would like to publicly wish Mr. Mickens a big “Hau`oli La Hanau” — Happy Birthday, in hopes this gets published before his birth-date and let him know Many people including myself do care and although we all don’t agree, we love you as part of the Aloha Ohana and community of the Garden Island.


James “Kimo” Rosen is a resident of Kapaa


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