Letters for Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017

• New president not a truth teller

New president not a truth teller

When Trump’s press secretary insisted that there were more people at Trump’s inauguration than Obama’s, he was lying.

When Trump promised during the campaign that Obamacare would be “replaced” before it was “repealed,” he was lying.

When Trump called “climate change” a Chinese conspiracy, he was lying.

I could go on and on and on and on, by why bother. Some of you are justifiably frustrated with the failure of America to pay attention to your problems. I am very much on your side. I see no advantage in creating “second class” (or maybe even “fifth class”) American citizens. We are “all in this together.” We stand together or we will be picked off, one by one.

Donald Trump is a charlatan. He can take completely opposite positions in the same sentence and listeners will only hear the one they support. Look at Trump’s cabinet. Would you really hire any of them even as handymen? They are liars who are going to steal your wealth and trick you into believing that it is your own fault for being lied to.

I would like to be nice, but there comes a time when the truth has to be expressed clearly, and now is the time. If you support Donald Trump, you are an idiot. A gullible fool. Let me offer the purchase of a bridge in New York City at an amazingly low price. Or perhaps you want some Florida Real Estate? And if that isn’t clear enough, I have some Bernie Madoff stock.

John Zwiebel, Kalaheo


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