Letters for June 9, 2016

• Mayorathon, what about the North Shore? • Lifeguard made bad day better • Conservative and proud of it

Mayorathon, what about the North Shore?

Plans for the Mayorathon on June 25, include a bus from the Westside, Waimea, Hanapepe, Kalaheo, and Kukui Grove for participants.

There are no plans for a bus from the North Shore for participants. There might not be as many North Shore participants but to be fair the same transportation should be available. Which brings me to my point. The Kauai Bus runs mostly empty (two or more) every night. It seems unfair for those on the north.

Janice Smolenski, Kilauea

Lifeguard made bad day better

On Sunday June 5, someone stole my car keys at Salt Pond beach. This letter is to thank the very nice lifeguard to whom I appealed for help. I was subsequently verbally accosted by some men who had taken my keys. While the ringleader dangled my keys above his head, he yelled that I must be from the mainland (the horror!) as I had no aloha toward him. When I said I lived on Kauai he said then I must be from the North Shore (again the horror!).

I told him in no uncertain terms that I was a proud resident of Waimea. After my wonderful young lifeguard then mentioned calling the police, my keys were given back to me by this nasty man and his cronies, not without much more loud verbal harassment yelled at me as I made my way back to my car.

The lifeguard followed me to my car and was so nice, so considerate. I am disabled with myalgic encephalomyelitis and stress of any sort has a huge effect on my mental and physical well-being. That nice lifeguard, whose name I did not get, calmed me down, stopped my tears from flowing and made sure I would not let this affect the rest of my day.

He asked if I wanted to file a police report but I declined as it would have been too much of an ordeal for me. Many mahalos sir!

Jane Kinzer, Waimea

Conservative and proud of it

Thanks Bettejo Dux. Your “wrong crowd” letter in TGI (June 3) makes me proud to be a conservative.

Having endured Obama’s and Hillary’s eight years of lies, scandal, deception, fraud, lead from behind foreign policy, war on prosperity, war on cops, war on the military, war on the Constitution, division, race bating, doubling of the national debt, dead ambassador, nukes to Iran as they chant “Death to America,” Russian Resets, fake Red lines in Syria as Assad gasses his own people, open borders, assaults on trump supporters, Obamacare lies, denial of radical Islam as hundreds are beheaded, crucified, raped, boiled in acid and drowned, war on energy that actually works, etc. …

All the while my friends on the left are more concerned about men having access to women’s bathrooms and showers, gay marriage, legal drugs, abortion on demand, gun free zones where only criminals have guns, appeasement foreign policy, turning our backs on our traditional allies, embracing those that wish us harm, higher taxes, punish success, everyone is a victim mentality, prosperity greed, socialism (think Venezuela, Cuba where everyone is equally poor.

Oh yes, Bettejo, thanks for reminding me why I’m a proud conservative. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful to have lived in the greatest country there has ever been. Where dreams can be realized if you’re willing to work for it. Where freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are written into the framework of our Constitution.

I won’t be assaulting any Trump supporters, Bettejo, sorry.

Bernard Verkaaik, Kapaa


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