Pesticides are cause for concern in other countries

The European Union is currently in the process of putting restrictions on the use of glyphosate due to health concerns, it being a probable carcinogen, with member states so far unable to agree on the re-approval of the chemical beyond June.

Russia, the Chinese military, and 19 European Union nations have opted out on genetically engineered foods.

Meanwhile the US National Academy of Sciences claims there are no harmful effects to the environment from GE crops.

This is false, because where I come from, Iowa, there used to be thousands of monarch butterflies on the trees in our town, every year. Now we might see six in one entire year. Scientific American, Insect Conservation and Diversity journals, etc., isolate the cause: glyphosate has destroyed 90 percent of the monarch’s habit plant, milkweed, in the American Midwest.

The monarch butterfly on the mainland is on the near endangered species list from the biotech corporations spraying excessive herbicides in America, for profit. Iowa and the Midwest are now planted with mono-culture crops like GE corn and GE soybeans.

Everywhere you look in Iowa, after corn harvest in the fall, we see as far as the eye can see, an “ocean in all direction of barren dried, dirt fields, with no trees or bushes, with dust blowing everywhere, virtually no migrating monarchs, ” and massive hog farms with 1,000 hogs in a single aluminum shed. For cattle it is similar, but cattle are allowed to go outside in dry, dusty feed lots, with no grass, while the hogs remain in the aluminum sheds 24/7.

In Iowa, where everyone is so extremely devastated about the destruction of the monarch, as an unfortunate side effect or necessary evil of biotech crops, most people are thus more educated about the controversies of genetic engineering than here in Hawaii. Why? In contrast here everyone is told that the “JFF report finds no conclusive connection between pesticides, environment, and human health on Kauai.”

The GE seeds that the US Midwest and India plant for GE crops are often created in a very large part by the biotech corporations near Waimea and on other Hawaiian islands. Thus we could say that Hawaii is the research center for dispensing GE seeds to America.

In Iowa and India, almost everyone knows that genetically engineered (GE/GMO) food means pesticides are concentrated and engineered into, inside, the GE vegetables to kill pests that eat them. While here in Hawaii, most people writing in The Garden Island articles, actually think biotech “pesticides” are only the pesticides like RUPs, like chlorpyrifos, which are sprayed on the outside of crops.

Research such as published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences, in 2009, reveals NK603, MON 810, and MON 863 corns, have engineered into, inside them, the class of Bt-pesticides and ramped up, or over expressed enzymes (for speeding up cellular processes).

A particular biotech corporation (which one doesn’t matter here), camouflages the toxicity in these GE corns by “simplifying and eliminating gender, so that there is only one variable in their studies, “rats.”

Thus the world has been deceived. Hardly anyone in America, knows that the Bt-pesticides actually cause gender specified illnesses, such as kidney disease for males and liver disease for females from eating the same GE corn.

“Absence of proof,” because everyone in America is looking for kidney and liver disease in everyone across the board, which in reality is separated out by separate diseases for only male or only female from the same corn. Nineteen EU nations, and Russia, and Chinese military generals, who read these peer review studies, are on to this.

Meanwhile affluent Waimea parents with autistic or sick children, can arrange for clinical laboratories to send lab kits to Canadian hospitals where it is legal for testing for American-approved RUPs, and chlorpyrifos-oxon, the breakdown metabolite (smoking gun) of the elusive chlorpyrifos which can break down to soon to be detected.

A new study published in PLOS ONE found that the Transcendental Meditation technique and lifestyle changes both appear to stimulate genes that produce telomerase, an enzyme that’s associated with reduced blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and mortality.


Will M. Davis is a Lihue resident.


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