Letters for April 12, 2016

• Trump not the one spreading ill will • Separation of church, state is good

Trump not the one spreading ill will

Richard Robinson (TGI, April 2), your letter shows how you are completely out of touch with reality. Spreading lies and propaganda against Donald Trump is pathetic. How has he spread hate? The hate from protesters hired by Bernie Sanders proves to me it’s not Donald spreading hate. Building a wall to keep our country safe is a moral obligation. We have many illegal criminals harming our citizens only to be rewarded with sanctuary cities protecting them.

It is well documented that Islamic extremists are entering through our open borders daily. It’s a proven fact. Liberals have no desire to protect us from terrorists that have vowed to kill us and bring jihad to cities across the country.

You must be living in another dimension if you think we are not at war with Islamic terrorists. Prove to me when Donald Trump has a vendetta against religious freedom. Prove to me how he has spread hate. I guess if you enjoy high unemployment, businesses leaving this country, leaving our vets to die in the streets and politicians being controlled by foreign countries while stuffing their pockets with payoffs, you might want to consider another country to reside in. Don’t think you will be able enjoy the freedom to spew your rhetoric though.

Insulting those of us that support Donald and his desire to save this country from sinking into the abyss makes you look simple and foolish.

Alice Monaghan, Princeville

Separation of church, state is good

As a follower of Jesus, I welcome the separation of church and state.

While this concept of separation was not in our founding documents, Jefferson talked about it as a way to protect the churches from meddling by the state. The state should not be running the churches. Some institutional church should not be running our civil government.

In Canada and Northern Europe, the governments have recently been pressuring pastors to preach government doctrines or be put in jail. Thanks to our separation principle, this has not happened much in the U.S. The state-run churches in the U.K. are less effective than our free churches. This is likely part of the reason that church attendance in the U.K. is much lower than in the U.S. While the state can be separate from institutional churches, there can be no separation of state and religious beliefs. Civil governments need laws to function. Laws are statements of what is thought to be right and wrong. Beliefs about right and wrong are religious beliefs.

We are one nation under God. Our declaration of independence refers to rights granted to us by our Creator. Our civil government is based on a Judeo-Christian world view. If we choose to no longer have a Judeo-Christian-based government, then the new government must be based on some other belief system, such as Humanism, Islam, etc.

I believe that we have been blessed as a nation because of our Judeo-Christian beliefs.

Mark Beeksma, Koloa


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