Letters for April 11, 2016

Letters for April 11, 2016

‘Not guilty’ decision a travesty

I find it very sad that the prosecuting attorney commended his team and the police concerning the Kainalu Gayagas trial.

Kainalu did not call 911. He called for someone to come rescue him and they did. They held his hand and let him go home.

Jaycie, well, we all know what happened to her. They did not care at all about this girl. Do the people who are entrusted to safeguard the people of Kauai really get to get away with this? How can this be? Travesty of justice. I can only pray that out of this debacle will come the truth, and those who are complicit will be found out once and for all. No more cover-ups for the people of Kauai. Another case of “affluenza.” Yes, indeed.

At least Jaycie is still alive. She is so strong and has put this in the rear view. God is with her, no doubt, and will be in the future.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope for a safer Kauai and an honest one with regards to those in power.

Kathryn Frost

Double Springs, Alabama

Homestays provide valuable service

My name is Liz, and yes, I have a homestay on Kauai. I’m writing to share my thoughts and experiences with the Kauai ohana and help people understand the process.

Homestays offer a unique experience for some of our tourists that cannot afford to stay in Visitor Designated Areas (VDAs) or want a more unique way of exploring our island. We can offer local information: restaurants, shopping, where to go depending on weather, providing an opportunity for local businesses and residents to get a more equal share of the tourist dollar.

Homestays like I operate have the owner living on the property so any issues can be addressed quickly and easily, such as noise. These homestays are not making huge profits. The income I make from my homestay enables me to pay my mortgage and bills, so I can remain here living in my home. Fifty percent of these properties operate less than 60 days a year, proving that most operate on an infrequent and casual basis.

The process of permitting and regulating homestays is not only complicated, time-consuming, and restrictive to a section of the community that actually lives here, but difficult and costly to administer. It also gives an unfair advantage to those that can live or own property in a VDA, and unfairly punishes other local residents, sometimes only blocks away, that want to share their homes. Please let us continue our good work and be able to live on this lovely island.

Elizabeth Barton


Atrazine not good for environment

If you think Bruce Jenner’s transformation from gold medal athlete into Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year is trendy, cool and fashionable, you will also like Atrazine being used on our island. This wonderful pesticide, a popular formula used by one of our island’s biotech firms, now currently under investigation, is banned in Europe but not in the USA. Not only does it poison our environment, but it has the trendy side effect of disrupting hormones of humans and animals, turning males into females.

The “gender fluid” pop culture movement is a clever way of covering up the repercussions of the irresponsible use of toxic chemicals in our environment. I’m just waiting to see how other expected human mutations and deformities will be marketed as fashionable to cover up crimes against the environment which have negative biological effects on humans. Maybe Kim Kardashian will have a three-legged baby. Now that’s hot!

Krisztina Samu


Trump’s behavior should not be tolerated

In response to Gordon Oswald’s letter, Tuesday, April 5.

I have never in my life seen the word hate used so many times in a letter to the Forum. Over and over and over. Twenty-three times, if I added them up correctly. Correct me if I’m wrong. My hands were shaking and my eyes were strained. I was shaken to the core of my human condition.

As for Donald Trump: he coils like an asp at the top of a miserable heap of dregs, buffoons and religious fanatics.

I am disgusted — simply disgusted — and embarrassed, by this crude, belligerent, ignorant, malignant, bombastic, misogynistic bungler. And do apologize to the world for this disgraceful fiasco.

Please hope, as so many of us do, sanity and reason will prevail. I’m sure there are more intelligent people in America than there are ignorant bumpkins.

Bettejo Dux



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