Letters for March 15, 2016

Letters for March 15, 2016

Time for a woman to lead country

In his Feb. 23 letter to “The Garden Island,” Mr. Steve Martin asked the following question:

“Do you have a clue of why every four years we continue to arrive at the same condition as our last president has left us or worse?”

I can answer that question. It is because we have continued to elect men as our presidents for over 200 years. It is way past time for a change!

Linda Estes


Kauai traffic follies

Hear, hear to the letters opposing more bus, bike, and walk plans. These “solutions” will only deal with a minute part of total traffic, and they take money from new roads and narrow down existing roads.

These are urban solutions. They work in areas with a few hundred thousand people in a few mile radius of a town center. We have 70,000 people scattered around a 75-mile island perimeter. Very little of our car traffic can be diverted to walk or bike paths, and this will not increase the likelihood of Kukui Grove sized shopping sprouting up in Waimea or Hanalei. These projects need to be moved from the DOT to Parks and Recreation.

Have you looked at the bike lane on the town-bound side of the highway by Kukui Grove? It’s sandwiched between the two through lanes on the left and the exit/merge lane on the right. That’s the place where maximum lane changing occurs.

It’s an invitation to disaster. The other day I actually saw a cyclist on the road between Hanamaulu and the airport. I tried to take a picture, but I wasn’t quick enough. A truly rare sight.

And how many buses does it take to remove a significant number of cars from traffic? Increasing from one bus per hour to two or three between town and Kekaha/Hanalei? Will removing a few 10s of cars per hour from the road relieve the rush hour congestion? Apparently those spending our money think so.

Bob Hickling


Government mismanaged Kauai’s growth

In regards to the letter (TGI Feb. 24), “Here’s how to make Kauai great again.”

After reading the letter several times I begin to think it reminds me of those who move to Kauai, have plenty of comment, on what’s wrong with Kauai and always want to suggest that their lifestyle would be better if it was implemented on Kauai. What I never understand is why would people move to Kauai if where they came from was run so much better and always seem to suggest that Kauai lifestyle doesn’t work unless you do it their way.

There are many people who make Kauai their home. The main reason is because they like and live the “lifestyle” of the island the way it is and was before all the big changes of mismanaged growth by our local government that will eventually ruin what we once enjoyed forever.

I truly feel that your letter is a really good one and offers TGI an extremely good reason to give us back the comment section that dealt

with letters to the editor. I think your letter might receive the most comments of the year award!

Steve Martin


Media not reporting on Kingdom of Hawaii

The Garden Island newspaper responsibility is to bring current information to the public of what is happening in Hawaii and the world and yet The Garden Islandnewspaper and all media in Hawaii and the United States of America (television, radio and newspaper) has blocked all information concerning Kingdom of Hawaii as a recognized nation or state under the international court and the nations of the world.

The United States of America illegal occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom should be the main topic in the media today as other countries of the world are doing.

Is The Garden Island newspaper doing this intentional and what are the intentions of dismissing true media of Hawaii of Kingdom of Hawaii?

Ikaika Pratt



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